Ramadan 2024: Director of road transport Donates to Muslim community in Santa

A bag of sugar handed to the representative of the Sarki of Santa by Madam Chesi Lum Miriam 

Dr Mbamone Nkendong Divine, Director of road transport at the Ministry of Transport has donated food stuff to the Muslim community of Santa.

The donation exercise took place on Saturday 9th March 2024 at the Muslim community hall in Santa.

Speaking at the ceremony, Soulemanou Bouba, one of the Muslim leaders saluted the initiative of thinking about them before the Muslims embark on the one month fast known as the Ramadan.

Bouba Soulemanou, representative of the community 

Representing the donor at the event, the first Deputy Mayor of the Bafut council, Madam Chesi Lum Miriam emphasized that this donation at this time is as a result of the affection that the donor has towards the Muslim community.

"What has been shared here is just a sign of affection for the Muslims to make them understand that though far off in Yaounde, he still thinks of them." Madam Chesi said.

Bags of rice, bags of sugar and pallets of water were handed to the Muslim community.

Madam Chesi Lum Miriam representative of the donor

In sincere appreciation, the representative of the Sarki of Santa, Alhadji Aboubakar was overwhelmed with the gesture and called on the representatives to tell Dr Mbamone Divine that they have him in heart.

"This has shown us that he is a brother and we will pray for him during the period of Ramadan so that Allah can take him further so that he can continue to assist us." Alhadji Aboubakar told the Observer.

Several Aldos took the floor to appreciate the gesture with the remark "The Ramadan will go well in Santa."

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan which is a 30-day dawn to dusk fast begins in Cameroon on Tuesday March 11th 2024.

This donation by the Director of road transport adds to so many other donations carried out in the North West region to empower various sectors of the society.

During the 2023 Cameroon cup final, Dr Mbamone hired a 70-seater bus to and from Yaounde to transport supporters of PWD of Bamenda.

He also sponsored some bike riders in Awing for driving training and acquisition of their driving licenses.

IDPs of Awing origin in Bamenda have also been supported by the philanthropist, Dr Mbamone Divine.

During the start of the 2022/2023 academic year, he supported IDPs based in old town Bamenda to acquire didactic materials and go back to school. Meanwhile IDPs of the North West origin in Bamenda, Douala and Tiki have been empowered.

Dr Mbamone Divine has a drive to give back to the community by empowering the less privileged and mostly those whose livelihoods have been affected by the 8-year old socio-political crisis in the North West Region.

Dr Mbamone Nkendong Divine is a native of Awing in Santa subdivision.


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  1. The earlier we stop handing over these meaningless things the better. Give people opportunities. All these will be gone in under a week, then what next?