International Women's Day 2024: CAMTEL Women given pride of place

Camtel recognizing women after match past

Women of Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL have been praised for their resilience in making the operator stand out as torch bearer in digital transformation.

The women received the praises from the Deputy General Manager of CAMTEL on March 8, 2024 on the occasion of this year’s celebrations of the International Women’s Day.

It was thus an eventful day for the women from CAMTEL who joined their counterparts for the traditional march past exercise at the May 20 Boulevard presided over by the First Lady Mrs Chantal Biya.

The day was crowned with a reception offered by the General Manager Judith Yah Sunday epse ACHIDI at the Club CAMTEL.

Representing the General Manager, the Deputy General Manager of CAMTEL, Daniel Desire Olle underlined the efforts by CAMTEL to ensure women can fully express their talents.

“CAMTEL in its capacity as a corporate citizen and the secular arm of the state in the telecommunications sector fully performs the mission assigned to it by the state relating to the reduction of gender inequalities, inclusion of women and the development of human potential in general in various social, economic and technological transformation and processes,” Daniel Desire Olle said.

Camtel women at the 20th May boulevard 

He underlined that the appointment of Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi as General Manager by the Head of State has further strengthened the company’s drive to give women more responsibility.

Statistics show that CAMTEL has one technical adviser, one inspector, six directors, 42 deputy directors, as well as heads of sub departments and regional representatives who are all women. In addition, there are over a hundred female chiefs of service and section as well as countless female engineers working at the telecommunications operator.

The Deputy General Manager thus took a moment to applaud all these women who are making the telecommunications operator and called on them not to relent their efforts for history will remember them.

The 2024 edition of the International Women’s Day was an opportunity for women at CAMTEL to show the other side of their craft. They had a busy week starting with a sports walk on March 2 on the streets on Yaounde before proceeding with a clean-up campaign 48 hours later.

The women extended their outreach activities with a donation at a Yaounde-based orphanage before taking part in culinary activities and a fashion parade which brought out the riches of all the ten regions of Cameroon. They equally had a learning session with students from the ICT University who presented their newly fabricated breast wear that helps to detect early breast cancer.

It was thus an opportunity for the President of the Association of CAMTEL women, AFEC, Gisele Ntsama Zang to praise the women for their solidarity which was key in making this year’s event a success. She equally thanked the management of CAMTEL for making the company a place where women excel and hoped they will continue to be the pillar on which the company can rely for better results.

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