Bamenda: Commuters applaud as security officers deactivate IED

The remains of the place after the detonation of the IED

In a close call Thursday 21st 2024, an explosive device crafted by unknown individuals was detonated by security officers in the heart of Bamenda. The incident occurred at the City Chemist roundabout, a bustling area frequented by business people .

Between 6-7am, Thursday 21st March 2024, as merchants and residents were going about their daily routines, a vigilant business man whose business spot was very closed to the spot of the placed IED,spotted a suspicious bag and immediately raised the alarm, urging others to stay away. Security personnel swiftly responded to the situation and confirmed that the bag contained a locally made explosive device.

Thanks to the quick action of the military, the improvised explosive device (IED) was successfully neutralized without causing any injuries. As a precautionary measure, the authorities dispersed the population in the vicinity to ensure their safety. Expressing their gratitude for the fortunate outcome, normal business activities have now resumed in the area.

To take control of the situation, the security forces blocked off the area for about a hundred meters round. This resulted in minimal or no movement on the street till the IED was detonated.

Commuters salute the professionalism of the defense and security forces

Eyewitnesses shared their experiences during the incident. One observer recounted, "This morning, we arrived at our workplaces as usual, only to be instructed to stay away from the area. Initially, we thought the military was simply cautioning us, but when the explosion occurred, we realized the gravity of the situation."

Another source stated, "Between 6-7 AM, as we arrived at our businesses, we noticed a suspicious bag by the roadside. We immediately alerted the military, who later confirmed it was an explosive device. They instructed us to keep a safe distance until it was neutralized. Subsequently, all of us closed our shops and remained on high alert. Hours later, the device was detonated."

The expertise and diligence of the military were pivotal in ensuring the safety of the public. "When the military instructed us to evacuate the area where the explosive device was planted, they skillfully neutralized its power. When they detonated it, their intervention significantly reduced the impact," revealed a source familiar with the situation.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported from the incident, and damage was limited to a cupboard used for storing fast food and shawarma. Importantly, the cupboard was empty at the time of the explosion as the owner was not present.

The incident has raised concerns about the presence of unidentified individuals with malicious intent in Bamenda. It is worth noting that a nearby non-functional CCTV camera, which could have potentially detected the perpetrators, was present near the scene.

As investigations continue, residents and business people are urged to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities to the security forces. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by these unidentified individuals, who seem determined to carry out deadly missions in Bamenda.

It is crucial to avoid potential repercussions similar to the 11th February incident in Nkambe, where five victims remain under surveillance and intense medical care at the Bamenda Regional Hospital.

The security forces remain committed to ensuring the safety of the public and will tirelessly work to apprehend those responsible for these acts of terror. Community cooperation and support are essential in defeating this menace and restoring peace and security to the city of Bamenda.


Munya Charles Babila

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