Tubah: Hon Agho Oliver Donates to Underprivileged Youth

Sewing machine handed to some graduates of the Tubah Youth Empowerment Centre 

The Honourable member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency, Hon Agho Oliver has donated sewing machines to some youth of the Tubah Youth Empowerment Centre.

The donation exercise, Wednesday February 14th 2024, came at the backdrop of several appeals sent to the MP during the youth week.

According to the chief of centre, Madam Nkemta Augusta, the centre doesn't have the necessary equipment to carry-out the requisite training so the training period has been shortened with visiting experts coming to do the job.

So for 90 days a total of six women took the training and three dropped out to face their studies. The remaining three successfully completed the studies under serious difficulties.

The lead trainer explained that funds for the training were difficult to come by and they had to use the same material over and over before perfection was attained.

One of the trainees according to the Divisional Officer for Tubah, Massango Metouge, was rescued by the social affairs service, with four children and seemingly helpless. The DO and others enrolled her at the Youth Empowerment Centre and she was graduating as a seamstress.

After going through a very difficult training, the DO and chief of Centre wanted a happy success story and on the 11th of February 2024, the MP for Mezam North was contacted.

Unable to hide his feelings, Hon Agho Oliver promised to come to their aid.

A sewing machine each and the sum of 50,000 Frs was handed to the three graduates to commence life with.

Awanga Solange, one of the graduates was super happy that this is the beginning of good tidings in her life as she can now fend for her children and get a decent place to live in.

Madam Augusta, Chief of Centre 

While encouraging the women, the Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence said his presence was to encourage them as most of them hail from Bafut and "when you train a woman, you train a nation" while handing an envelope of 10,000 Frs each.

Quizzed why he decided to embark on this at a very short notice, the MP said;" On the 10th February 2024, President Paul Biya said neither the public sector nor the private sector can employ the entire nation.

"So we could not watch these girls graduate from this centre and leave empty handed. The chief of centre made a request and we are here to fulfill it." Agho Oliver said.

The youth empowerment centre is unable to raise the funds needed because of the current socio-political crisis that has greatly affected the income of young persons. However,  the center has been able to train some 50+ youth in 2023.

Though the new centre is under construction, the chief centre beacons on good samaritans to continue the empowerment process.

As the Divisional officer salutes the move of the MP that adds to several other donations that he had made in the past like the donation of roofing sheets to those whose houses were burnt in Tubah and Bafut, a generator to the public security post in Bambili and some scientific blackboards to CCAST Bambili, he called on the Elite to rescue soms 64 students at the Government Technical school Bambui who might go without having practicals.

The theoretical phase of their studies is done and according to the DO, much is needed to get them ready for practicals.

The young women made a promise to empower other women within the next one year.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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