CAMTEL Markets world class digital transformation efforts at PROMOTE 2024

CAMTEL'S imposing stand at PROMOTE

Cameroon Telecommunications company, CAMTEL, has once again brought its effort geared towards intentionally setting the pace in Cameroon’s digital transformation drive through top notch service delivery in the telecommunications sector to the fore.

The African telecommunications giant which has constantly been in the news in recent years for its multiple strides directed toward improving the telecommunications sector nationally and internationally, is making the bold move at the ongoing Yaounde International Business and Partnership Fair dubbed PROMOTE.

CAMTEL'S Deputy GM( Middle)

The week-long event set to round up on Sunday February 25, was opened by the Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atanga in Yaounde last Monday. The Trade boss represented the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute.

Shortly after the opening ceremony, CAMTEL officials led by the institution’s Deputy General Manager, Daniel Désiré Olle, took turns to visit the company’s stands.

During the visit, the deputy chief of the Judith Yah Sunday Achidi-led company was given a guided tour at CAMTEL’s stand at the event punctuated by a presentation on all institution’s services on display at the revered fair.

The tour briefly zoomed on the diverse information and details that the guests that will make stopovers at CAMTEL’s stand during the PROMOTE gathering will be thrilled with including the company’s national and global coverage networks and products like the firebrand mobile line, Blue.

CAMTEL remarketing world class digital transformation efforts

Speaking in an interview after the launch of the fair Monday, the Head of Division for Institutional Communication and Digitals at CAMTEL, Eric Benjamin Lamere described the company’s presence at PROMOTE 2024 as a brand-new special opportunity for the institution to remarket itself as a structure that is intentionally directed towards attaining a complete and reliable digital transformation for Cameroon and beyond.

According to Lamere, CAMTEL at PROMOTE showcases strides made notably through its Business Unit Transport, the Business Unit Fixed and the Business Unit Mobile services all on display at its stand. These, he said, demonstrate the company’s efforts geared towards better positioning Cameroon as leader in terms of quality internet, mobile services and transportation service delivery.

“PROMOTE 2024 which coincides with the 25th anniversary of CAMTEL is a special one us. Our presence here is justifiable because CAMTEL is a giant in its sector and serves as the merited hub of Central Africa. PROMOTE gives us the chance to showcase what we do in connecting countries, enterprises and citizens digitally,” Lamere highlighted. 

“It is an opportunity for us to showcase to Cameroonians and foreigners all what we have as expertise in the field of digital communication. We have the electronic version of which is the product Blue. We also very importantly have the fixed business services through the optic fiber as well as solutions for transportation which enables us to satisfy our most important clients connected in other countries,” he added. 

The CAMTEL Data Center which became the biggest in Central Africa following its launch in the Lekie Division in 2020, Lamere added, is also showcased at PROMOTE as the unique special product giving the Cameroonian telecommunications company the opportunity to serve administrations and major enterprises thereby serving as a major catalyst for digital transformation. 

“We equally have an extraordinary solution which serves administrations and enterprises both private and public which is the Data Center. It offers enterprises extraordinary services in the domain of storage, hosting and in terms of availability. It enables our economies to work in line with the digital transformation which we are talking about in Cameroon,” Lamere detailed.

“The Center is the biggest in the Central African subregion and is available based in categories. It really shows how we are seriously ready to bring out concrete solutions to very big administrations and enterprises,” he added.

Focused on addressing few turbulences 

According to the Head of Division for Institutional Communications and Digitals, besides areas like the Business Transport Unit which is mainly serving the international market, the company is also very importantly focused on bettering its customer satisfaction notably through addressing issues raised by persistent disturbances on its networks. 

“We are working endlessly to bring long lasting solutions to challenges caused by disturbances on network service delivery so that users can have very good experiences in their homes and offices in terms of the quality of services delivered,” Lamere said.

With worries as such being addressed through ensuring that the company has a globally top-quality service delivery, the company’s Research Officer in CAMTEL’s communication unit, Francis Ajumane says, the structure is well on course to become a telecommunication hub for the entire Sub-Saharan region.

“CAMTEL is not only a national company but we are planning to be a telecommunication hub in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa by 2035,” he said. 

“Blue came into the market in 2021 and we have the ambition of getting the lion share of the market. That is why we see PROMOTE as an opportunity to grow our market. Trust us and you will not be disappointed,” Ajumane added. 

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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