Biya at 91: Commercial Bike Riders Celebrate

Bike riders call on President Biya to run for the 2025 elections

Bike riders and those of the political class turned out massively at the Reformed Overcomers Chapel to pray for the President of the Republic, Paul Biya as he turned 91.

The ecumenical service that brought together Christian and Muslim faithfuls was witnessed by the President of the North West Regional Assembly, Prof Fru Angwafo III.

Prof Fru Angwafo III, President of the Regional Assembly

Bamenda City Mayor like the President of the Regional Assembly wished the Head of state long life, prosperity and good health. Prof Fru said "It is 91 years of light. I pray that God gives more strength to the President and those that will mend the fractures of pain in our region."

Drawing inspiration from the address of the Head-of-state to the nation on December 31, 2023, Hon Agho Oliver noted that Biya had seen Cameroon through thick and thin and is the right man to continue leading the country.

"91 years of age and over 50 years of age means that the leadership is refined and result based."

A message of goodwill was conveyed to the President of the Republic by bike riders of the region and some political elite.

Hon Agho Oliver, MP Bafut-Tubah expressing best wishes to the Head-of-state

The bike riders handed a walking stick to the Governor and a wipe while the young elected leaders led by Hon Agho Oliver handed a broom.

North West Governor receives gifts destined to the President of the Republic

In trying to make meaning out of the gifts, North West Governor started by appreciating the broom whose objective is to weed Cameroon out of tribalism, corruption and to sweep out terrorism, actually ruining the economies of the North West, South West and Far North Regions.

The walking stick

The broom

The whip

The walking stick, The Observer was told was to aid the President in carrying out his daunting tasks while the wipe was to stamp out indiscipline within the bike riding sector in the region.

The effigy of the Head-of-state was handed to the Governor bearing a message that bike riders are calling on the President of the Republic to be their candidate at the 2025 Presidential polls.

With smiles and laughter, Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique said the message will be conveyed in its entirety to the President of the Republic.

Earlier on, there was a parade across the Municipality of Bamenda I by the bike riders, celebrating what some termed their champion, professing love for President Biya with a wish for him to run again next year. The caravan took them from the Reformed Overcomers Chapel to the Mile one Junction passing through the Governor's office and back.

Bamenda City Mayor, the Mayor of Bamenda II, the Mayor of Bamenda I, the Mayor of Bafut and the Director General of UNVDA all expressed good wishes to President Biya on his birthday.

In Psalms 90:10a, the Bible says "70 is all we got and 80 if we are strong." To the political class, Paul Biya at 91 means he has the blessings of God almighty to continue leading the country.

The birthday cake of President Biya

A birthday cake in his honour was cut in Bamenda.


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