Bamenda Main Market Fire Incident: Multitude Donate as Minister Felix Mbayu launches fund drive


Remains of the Bamenda Main Market 

Elite of the North West Region and those of goodwill have begun contributing to wipe off the tears of those who lost their livelihood to the inferno that befell the Bamenda Main Market on Thursday 22nd February 2024.

While the SDO of Mezam commences work to ascertain the material damage incurred, the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in-charge of the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu has launched a fund drive to assist the close to 300 victims.

While the government has assured victims that a compensation plan is in sight according to North West Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique, the legendary North West solidarity of coming to the aid of one another has been activated.

Minister Felix Mbayu launches fund drive to assist victims 

To launch the fund drive, the Minister stated that it is "evident that the national, regional and local authorities are taking measures to mitigate the pain of the victims and to build back better this important economic infrastructure.

"However it has become obvious to us through urgent appeals and calls that the tragic incident left many high and dry.

"The fire situation of these victims cannot wait for the statutory government procedures to come to fruition.

"Faced with this emergency, some children of the Municipality, division and region have urged us to launch an immediate civic assistance drive to alleviate the pain and suffering of these helpless victims and give hope to their families." The release read.

Placed under the coordination of Senator Regina Mundi, Minister Mbah Acha Rose, Minister Felix Mbayu, Governor Fai Yengo Francis and Fongod Edwin Nuvaga, Director of Customs, the first day saw the collection of over 30.3 million francs.

The fire incident at the Bamenda main market is the largest in the history of the market. Observers at the scene have calculated the losses to the tune of at least a billion Francs CFA.

During his visit to the market, the Governor of the North West attested that close to 300 shops were completely razed to ashes with significant economic losses.

The fund drive has been launched with the hope of assisting families who lost their source of livelihood to the ravaging fire.

Many victims the Observer spoke to, say they didn't know where to go and what to do after the incident.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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