Santa System Cooperative Society sets sight on Agricultural Expansion in 2024


The Santa system Development Cooperative Society (SASDECOS) has adopted an ambitious program to alleviate poverty and ensure youth participation in agricultural development in 2024.

The program adopted on Saturday 20th January 2024 in Santa, seeks to run several agricultural projects for the benefit of the farmers.

Ntumfor Fru Jonathan, President of the System

Speaking to the Press, the President of The system, Ntumfor Fru Jonathan reiterated that the system was created as a cooperative and a liaison between farmers and the government.

"The system is a cooperative that was created to alleviate poverty and improve the living conditions of the farmers by helping them to be able to overcome the difficulties that they have in producing their crops.

"These difficulties start from production through transformation through mobilizing the inputs to be able to put into their farms.

" These difficulties we think that we can address them in a cooperative and we can also serve as a link between the farmer and the government." Fru Jonathan told the Press.

Taking into consideration the untold damage that the current socio-political crisis in the North West Region has caused to farmers, one which means they cannot access their farmers because of unnecessary ghost towns and lockdowns spanning months, this has also let to immeasurable losses in post production where farmers cannot transport their produce to the market and with many farmers fleeing the region, Ntumfor Fru Jonathan notes that the cooperative is the only way out to ensuring food self-sufficiency, and admirable profits to the farmers.

"We will transform some of the agricultural produce and also help our farmers to market their produce at reasonable prices."

The Santa System Development Cooperative Society (SASDECOS) has been existing for one year and they have used the past 365 days to ensure that the cooperative society conforms to existing regulations and the setting up of the different legal instruments.

Afesi Mbafor, President of the steering Committee 

Jean Marc Afesi Mbafor, President of the steering committee remarked that they started a poultry farm of 1000 birds and by the third inputs, they were at 5000 birds through substantial support from CDENO.

In 2024, the system plans to expand on the poultry, grow Irish potatoes which does exceptionally well in Santa, maize, cassava and also set up a feed production plant. This has been facilitated by land donated from His Majesty the Fon of the Mbei.

Speaking in Santa, the President of the North West Regional Assembly Prof Fru Angwafo III saluted the bottom-top approach used in solving problems.

"When we came to office, we wanted to have a conversation amongst us through the peace and Development initiative, PDI. This is part of the peace initiative that has been set up in Santa." Prof Fru said.

Cross section of participants 

The Annual General Meeting brought together structures in the Agricultural sector like the Chamber of Agriculture and the North West Development Authority, MIDENO.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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