Modernisation Of Public Service:CAMTEL Hailed For Pivotal Contributions


Minister Joseph Le at CAMTEL

The modernization and digitalization of the public service is on a good footing thanks to the contributions of Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL, according to the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Joseph LE.

The Public Service Minister made the remark on Thursday, January 18 at the end of a working session between his ministry and CAMTEL.

The session was aimed at evaluating the implementation of the partnership agreement between the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms and CAMTEL which was signed on June 13, 2022.

CAMTEL GM welcomes Minister Le

Opening the working session that held at the CAMTEL headquarters in Yaoundé, the General Manager of the incumbent telecommunications operator, Judith Yah Sunday epse ACHIDI expressed satisfaction with the road covered 18 months into the partnership.

“Today, we evaluated what has been done and what is left to be done. We are at about 75 percent into the implementation of this partnership and I hope by April 2024, we must have completely accomplished what is expected of CAMTEL,” Judith Yah Sunday epse ACHIDI said.

“I am very satisfied with what has been done so far. It is a privilege for us to serve the entire nation and CAMTEL being government’s agent in telecommunications, it is our duty we furnish the public service with the best quality of services especially in terms of innovation and protection of data,” she added. 

Looking at the road covered, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Joseph LE praised both parties for their diligence in the execution of their tasks.

“We are a little bit less than two years into this partnership with CAMTEL and I can say in less than two years we have done a lot and we will continue in the same spirit. We are in a process of modernization of our administration and we can’t modernize if we don’t have the expertise, if we don’t have all the tools. Here at CAMTEL, we saw all of these and that is why I will like to emphasize on the fact that CAMTEL is our best partner in this process,” Minister LE said.

The setting up of the new SIGIPES which is very instrumental in the management of careers and salaries of state employees and CAMTEL will play a key role especially in storing and protecting these data at its Data Centre in Zamengoe, the Public Service Minister added.

At the end of the evaluation meeting, a number of recommendations were put forward to ensure the smooth continuation of work between MINFOPRA and CAMTEL teams so that the public service can fully go digital.

About the MINFOPRA-CAMTEL Partnership

Signed on June 13, 2022, the partnership agreement between the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms and CAMTEL aimed at putting in place a platform with back up of MINFOPRA services, notably the web portal, messaging and SIGIPES. Also, online services are expected to be stored in a cloud whose physical infrastructure will be located both at the MINFOPRA and CAMTEL. The provision 50MB per second of internet for central services and 4MB for devolved service MINFOPRA as well as a highly secured server lodged at CAMTEL’s data center in Zamengoé were also inked as part of the partnership agreement.

Committing to make the public service an environment for professional development with the modernisation and digitalisation of services, the two parties agreed to make the SIGIPES and ANTILOPE applications function to their maximum capacities.

Signing the partnership back in 2022, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reforms said they expected from CAMTEL optimal protection of its data and quality internet speed, in addition to existing services such as interconnection with the different administrations, fixed telephony, and a toll-free number. 

On the other hand, CAMTEL reassured that it will offer quality service with zero failures to its new partner MINFOPRA.

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