Follow-up of Mezam Public Investment Budget: Hon Agho Oliver Prescribes Participation of local population in Project Execution

Mezam Follow-Up Committee on a field visit 

The Mezam Divisional follow-up Committee for the execution of Public Investment budget has rated as satisfactory, the rate of execution of projects in Santa, Tubah and Bafut.

Santa with nine projects and Tubah with 10 projects all executed their projects before the end of 2023.

To the Mayor of Santa, the secret in this execution is the early award of projects, close follow-up of contractors.

His Majesty Mayor Samkia Elvis of Santa;

"As soon as the logbook was out I worked with the contract engineer, I worked with the Quarter heads, the village development association in order to realize these projects. And I'm very proud that these projects were not realized in December but early September, the projects were ready for reception." Mayor Samkia Elvis told The Observer.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence of Bafut 

For Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence, the council sought to inject projects into the logbook that directly targets the needs of the population and the village development associations have partnered with the council to ensure that projects are effectively realized on the field. The Municipality of Bafut had seven projects under the public investment budget.

Chairing the January 10th deliberations, the Honourable member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency, Agho Oliver congratulated the councils who were at 100 percent and frowned at others still lagging behind.

"As vote holders, please ensure that the contract award procedure is respected, let the beneficiary population be involved in the execution or be in the know. Our mission in this committee is to promote transparency in the execution of the Public Investment budget.

"Dateline should be given to any contractor who is still to deliver a project at 100 percent." Hon Agho Oliver mentioned.

MINEPAT Delegate standing 

A total of 124 projects worth 20.7 Billion Francs CFA were earmarked for Mezam Division in 2023. As at the 31st of December, the realization rate stood at 89%.

Hon Agho Oliver prescribes that if the beneficiary population accompanies the execution of the project, it will be realized fully without major hitches.

According to the Divisional Delegate of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development for Mezam,  Evelyn Mawo Bidjama, the low rate of execution in some council areas is poor time management and the lack of follow-up from funding Ministries.

It was also noted that projects financed by the council support fund for mutual assistance, FEICOM, records a lot of delay. This is because FEICOM projects are not time bound and there is general laxity in the execution. Many of such projects have been abandoned.

The follow-up committee resolved that control engineers must see the quality and quantity of inputs before validating them to ensure that the correct mixture is being used on the project sites.

Hon Agho Oliver, President of the Follow-up committee 

Meanwhile dubious contractors who have failed to execute contractors to the finish line since 2017, risk losing the contracts to other contractors should they not finish within the first quarter of 2024.

The committee resolved with the Mayors to ensure that contracts are awarded latest the 1st April 2024 so as to have enough time to monitor the contactors.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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