North West Regional Assembly Begins Debate on 2024 Budget, Monday

The December sessions of the North West Regional Assembly, dedicated to the examing and voting of the 2024 budget opens in Bamenda Monday 11th December 2023.

The members of the North West Regional Assembly will peruse through the budget with hope that projects proposed in during the budgetary orientation debate held in June will be taken into consideration.

To better prepare for the execution of projects in 2024, projects were matured by the internal structure for the administrative management of public contracts, CIGAM.

With the hope that the investment budget will meet the aspirations of the masses like in 2023, the regional assembly members will also focus on devising ways to improve on the social fabric of the Region, most especially in the health sector. And most importantly, while anticipating to have investment in the economy, the members during this session will be discussing on the external customs clearance house which will hopefully go operational in 2024 and to this effect, plan on organizing an economic development forum in early 2024 that will bring together business men and economic operators to together with the North-West Regional Assembly brainstorm on the diverse way to improve the business climate and economic activities of the Region.
Another key focus of the December session is the PDI; the members will look at the things to be done in phase 2 of the Peace and Development Initiative (PDI) and they are hoping to engage in a more invigorating community driven process in the second phase of the North-West Regional PDI program. 

The session will also be enriched by presentations on environmental impact opportunities/climate change, local finance and development, the customs clearance warehouse and youth employment through start-ups.

The session will last for three days. From Monday 11th December 2023 to 13th December 2023 at the auditorium of the North West Regional Assembly.

Note should be taken that the General debates of the North West Regional Assembly will be streamed live.

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  1. Good news is that it will be live. Hoping as 2023 runs out a balance sheet is given to the population on the year's budget to avoid duplication of budgets