COP28 Side Event of CLARE Funded Project PALM-TREEs: A Pan-African and Transdisciplinary Perspective on People Living in the Margins and Coping with Extreme Weather Events in Central Africa

December 11, 2023, IUCN Pavilion - The PALM-TREEs project, titled "A Pan-African and Transdisciplinary 
Lens in the Margins: Tackling the Risks of Extreme Events," is co-hosting a Side Event at the IUCN pavilion
in Dubai during COP28. This event which takes place on Monday, 11 December 2023, from 9.30 am to 
10.30 am (Asian/Dubai), highlights the growing threats of extreme climate events in Sub-Saharan Africa 
and initiatives aimed at strengthening the resilience of marginalized communities in Africa, particularly 
those in the Congo Basin. The side event will bring together key researchers from the project team to 
discuss project priorities and approaches.

The aim of this PALM-TREEs event at COP28 is to provide a platform to share project goals & research 
strategies, establish strategic partnerships and engage policy makers favorable to the resilience of 
marginalized groups in Central Africa facing extreme climate events, thereby enhancing the project's reach 
and impact on the ground. Additionally, it is expected to highlight specific measures taken by the project 
to empower women and girls by providing them with access to information, resources, and opportunities 
to address climate challenges.

The PALM-TREEs project, funded by CRDI-FCDO CLARE and launched during the 2023 African Climate Week 
in Nairobi, is dedicated to advancing research on climate extremes in Sub-Saharan Africa aligned with the 
needs and experiences of stakeholders and communities. It adopts a transdisciplinary and Pan-African 
approach to transform the understanding of extreme climate events as "multidimensional compound 

The Project aims to create climate-relevant information for the most vulnerable groups in 
response to specific local risks. By working closely with stakeholders, the project develops new approaches 
to make this climate information more usable and accessible and emphasizes the inclusion of women and 
girls from marginalized communities in the fight against climate change.

For more information about the project and to stay informed about its developments, please contact:
Edith ABILOGO, PALM-TREEs Communication & Knowledge Exchange Manager, Phone: +237 699 52 49 

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