SOGOC, FIGO Unveils Winners of the #IAmSafe Contest

Then you winners of the #IAmSafe contest organized Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians
Cameroon SOGOC in partnership with International Federation of Gynaecologist and
Obstetricians FIGO have been known.

The contest launched alongside the campaign that kickedoff on August 3, 2023 received 11 entries from young journalists, artists and activist.
A panel of 3 judges evaluated the entries based on originality, creativity, content, style and
quality on a total score of 100. It is based on this that, the winners are named as follows:




The contest held within SOGOC’s Advocacy for Comprehensive Abortion Care ACAC project
running in its 5th year. The objective of the contest is:

- To have at least 20000 persons reached on the dangers of unsafe abortion services.
-To have at least 20000 people especially women and girls informed about the various
stakeholders involved in the provision of safe abortion services in Cameroon.
-To increase awareness about safe abortion services in Cameroon to over 20 000 persons as per
the penal code.
-To educate the public on the administrative and legal procedures of safe abortion for 
pregnancies resulting from rape.
The contest idea is to engage participants(young activists, artists and journalists) in a competition 
using various art forms to raise awareness on the consequences of unsafe abortion and safe 
abortion services for eligible cases in Cameroon, to which the winners demonstrated an understanding

The best 3 entries mentioned above will receive: 
-First Prize is awarded a Laptop
-Second Prize a brand new phone and communication credit
-Third Prize receives a brand new phone.

NB: Compensatory prizes of communication credit will be provided to the 4th placed Buba Laura, 
th Allen Tatah and 6
th position Tantan Patience. 
We appreciate all the contestants for taking interest in this contest and hope through our various 

arts, we continue raising awareness on the consequences of safe and unsafe abortions
Congratulations Again to the winners!!!.

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