Mezam IV Section President creates subsection coordination team, supports displaced militants

Section President handing relief Materials to some victims of the party

The Section President of CPDM Mezam IV, Bafut has created a coordination committee to bring together all the 47 subsections of the party under one umbrella.

According to Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence, the information flow from the Section down to the subsections and vice versa should follow a pattern. 

Subsection Presidents deliberating 

Activities at the various subsections should be coordinated especially as the party prepares for competition in 2025.

"This is the first of its kind since the last re-organisation of the party in 2021. This is the first time the party is at the helm of the Bafut council in close to Three decades. We must do things in a coordinated manner so as to lay a better foundation for future generations." Mayor Ngwakongoh told the subsection Presidents.

The coordination meeting also targets voters registration in all the 47 subsections of the party. A general plea was made for ELECAM to carryout voter's registration across the section. Subsection Presidents were also challenged to show proof of the number of persons they have registered at their next coordination meeting.

Ngwakongoh Lawrence, CPDM Mezam IV Section President 

Ngwa Samuel was elected President of the coordination team and Munang Oliver, Secretary. The Section President and the Regional Assembly member, Chebelem Godin will act as Ex-officio members.

The Section President and Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence announced a joint Section Conference for September.

            Support to Party Militants

Some six subsection Presidents living in Akosia in Bafut have been forced out of their homes by Separatist fighters.

One of the victims, Samuel had his house invaded and his property charted away especially the pigs he was rearing.

"I was in the farm when my neighbours told me not to return to the house because it has been invaded by armed fighters. I was told that all my pigs and piglets have been taken away, my farm produce was also carried away from the house. As I left the farm that day with my family and mother, I have never seen my house." Samuel told The Observer.

Another victim, an elderly man, lamented that his house was invaded by armed separatists, his Sanili motorcycle and his Generator were looted away. 

"I was informed that the boys are now living in my compound. They're eating all my farm produce I left at home. My motorcycle is with them. 

"They came to my house when I was in the farm and are illegally occupying it. I had a sprain on my leg. So I had to drag it to town. These clothes you see me wearing, people of good will gave them to me."

These sad stories were brought to the ears of the section President who immediately handed pots, blankets, buckets and a metrass as a relief measure while other measures will be taken in the nearest future to ensure that they return to normal life.

The gesture of the section President was applauded by all the subsection Presidents who promised to continue working for the success of the party at the grassroots.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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