Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence Galvanizes Community for Back-to-school

The Mayor of the Bafut council has called on the population of Nsem and other villages within Bafut to mobilize for an effective back-to-school.

The Mayor was speaking 26th August 2023 as he donated books, cartoons of soap and bags of salt to pupils, students and parents.

Bafut subdivision, one of the hardest hit by the seven year old Anglophone crisis, is gradually picking steam especially in school enrollment.

The subdivision saw school attendance drop drastically. Most schools were shutdown and a host of pupils and students had to seek for knowledge elsewhere. Prestigious schools like PSS Bafut, PSST Bafut and COTECC Bafut were nonfunctional, with some functioning in the campuses of other institutions in Bamenda.

The back-to-school crusade of the Mayor and other educational stakeholders in Bafut has yielded results. This is evident in the geometric increase in the number of pupils sitting the Government Common Entrance and the First School living certificate.

The Mayor used his visit to Nsem to appreciate other villages within the subdivision that have prepared schools for classes to resume on September 4. 

In Alom Valley, schools have already been prepared same like other areas in upper Bafut.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence then proceeded to hand over environmental friendly trees to the communities of Nsem, Agyati, Njinteh, Njibujang and Ntabuwe.

In these communities, 200 trees each were given to protect the water catchment areas. An activity Ngwakongoh Lawrence is accustomed to even before becoming Mayor.

Denizens of the five communities expressed their sincere thanks to the Mayor for ensuring that water continues to flow in their villages by protecting the catchment areas. They asked the Mayor to donate more trees to be planted up stream as a conservation tool.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence also donated a standby generator to the Brigade post in Agyati. This as a means to improve the security atmosphere around the village.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence noted that providing the generator is to power the Gendarmerie post that is frequently plunged into darkness by frequent power cuts.

In all the stops made by the Mayor, he called on the citizens to be law abiding and live together in peace and harmony.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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