JAchu Ventures CEO, Jennifer Achu receives International recognition in London-UK

Jennifer Achu after receiving award

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JAchu Ventures has been recognized in London-UK for her work in helping individuals and organizations reach their full potentials. The visionary leader with passion for creativity and community growth,  received her recognition in the UK House of Lords on Friday 14 July during the 13th Edition of the African Achievers Awards 

The Advisory Board under Authorization granted by the Board of Trustees awarded the outstanding CEO with a wealth of experience for her expertise to help small businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of the business world and establish a credible brand.

Founded in 2011, “The African Achievers Awards is an annual awards ceremony that celebrates African excellence through recognizing and honoring notable individuals and organizations in Africa across multiple industries that contribute immensely to the growth and development of the continent.” The organizer say

At the 13th African Achievers Award, Jennifer Achu was recognized alongside His Excellency Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh Vice President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Ambassador Nir Gess Honorary Consul of Malawi in the state of Israel, Summy Smart Francis Founder Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs organization, Ms Vincia Cloete Namibia Institute of Corporate governance, amongst others were also honored. Also on the honor list at the high profile event were other Cameroonians including Christelle Bay Nfor, Founder of Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA) Cameroon and Prof Victor Mbarika of the ICT University.  

Since its inception, the award has recognized influential Africans that are developing and growing Africa we all what to see. The first award was presented to Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu in 2011 to recognize his fight for human rights, justice, and peace. 

          About Jennifer Achu

Founder of the Miss Africa Texas Scholarship Pageant, which has provided multiple scholarships to young women in Texas for over a decade, Jennifer Achu, a former beauty queen and accomplished public speaker exceling at networking, communication, and building relationships has also served as a campaign ambassador for Frisco’s Mayor and is a community leader with strong connections both locally and internationally.

The major reason for starting JAchu Venture was largely due to Jennifer’s deep commitment to giving back to her community. According to an article by the Star Local Media, she has “found many ways to give back to the community”
 Jennifer Achu has been working with the Frisco Inclusion Committee, the City of Frisco Urban Forestry Board, and the Frisco Education Foundation. Her dedication to serving others is a testament to her character and her passion for making a positive impact.

In addition to her scholarship pageant and community work, she has a background in nursing and holds a degree from Labouré College of Healthcare in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jennifer Achu is proud of her many years of dedication to nursing and the profession of caring for others.  She has worked for the most prestigious healthcare systems in America. 

In 2016, she wrote her first book “Finding Your Inner Purpose - The Journey“.  Her main goal was simply to help encourage the young women who attended her annual scholarship pageant program in Texas, USA. Mentoring them on how to be the best version of themselves through service.

Apart from receiving the prestigious award this 2023, she has completed the 2nd version of her book with details expected soon through her website  www.jachuventures.com

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