Bafut: Alom Valley Chiefs Hail Mayor Ngwakongoh's dev't strides, request for identification post

Chiefs of lower Bafut pose with Mayor Ngwakongoh

Eight Chiefs and six notables of Alom Valley in Bafut Subdivision have expressed gratitude to the development strides of Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence in their area. 
They were speaking during a surprise visit at the Mayor's residence, Wednesday 12th July 2023.
The Chiefs and notables were emphatic that the rehabilitation of the Tingoh health centre, the opening of a civil status registration office, the building of market stalls and opening of farm-to-market roads are the reasons why they decided to pay the Mayor a surprise visit. 

The visit, the chiefs and notables said, was their way to express gratitude to the municipal authority for the laudable projects carried out in their area.

Chief Nkundang Adolphe 

The chiefs also say they have benefitted from 200 free birth certificates and a security unit that has greatly improved the security situation of the area.

Speaking on behalf of the traditional custodians, Chief Nkundang Adolphe was emphatic that: "The Mayor has been excelling in development efforts. We are here to register our thank you to him and also request that other good things can be sent to Alom Valley," Chief Nkundang said.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence 

As regards school going, Chief Nkundang said that schools are ongoing in the area though they are not using the regular classrooms. He pleaded with the Mayor to talk to ministries concerned to ensure that these teachers regain their classroom at the start of the new school year.

They also requested for the rehabilitation of GS Tingoh and GS Mantah and were pleased that GS Obang was in the good shape for the next academic year.

The chiefs unanimously called on the Mayor to see into that an identification unit is created in the valley so denizens don't travel kilometers to get themselves identified. 
The chiefs also called on the Mayor to seek the services of Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, for a mobile unit to pass around the villages and get people registered.
On his part, Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence was very pleased to have the chiefs who came to say thank you. He promised them the allocation of a new health centre and the refurbishment of classrooms so the new school year can kickoff hitch free.
Other projects, he said, will be allocated to the Valley when they meet at their budgetary orientation debate.
Alom Valley, it should be said, is situated in lower Bafut, on the major road to Wum and is considered as one of the most enclaved areas in Bafut subdivision.
It is made up of 16 villages and has a total population of 20,000 inhabitants.
The chiefs and notables, it should be said, brought  goats to salute the development strides of the Mayor.

Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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