Bamenda II: Bike riders Hail Mayor Chenwi Peter, salutes his exceptional leadership

Bike riders salute Mayor Chenwi

Bike riders of Bamenda II have appreciated the Mayor for his sincere gestures towards them.

The bike riders converge on the Bamenda II council promises, throwing praises at Mayor Chenwi Peter and his team for constantly coming to their aid during difficult moments.

With a goat and a bottle of wine, the bike riders were emphatic that they have never met a generous man who does not only think about himself but also his constituents.

President of the Bamenda II Bike riders syndicate 

Ndi Mayeme, the President of the bike riders syndicate says the Mayor has donated to them in the past with didactic materials, gifts at Christmas and has come to the individual aid of bike riders in his Municipality.

In his response, the Mayor said he was overwhelmed with their gesture, working hard to bring back peace in his Municipality by counseling others not to aid on the kidnapping and barbarism that has engulfed parts of the subdivision in recent years.

The Mayor also called on the bike riders to make use of recent offers made particularly to them. Offers ranging from free birth certificates, free production of the national identity card and free marriages.

The council has also opted to subsidize the production of driver licenses and support the medical care of the riders.

Mayor Chenwi Peter addresses bike riders 

Measures saluted by the bike riders who thanked the Mayor for always being innovative in handling their issues.

Like Oliver twist, Dieudonne Zibi, a bike rider in Nchoubuh recounted that they suffer from numerous police harassment at checkpoints. Others say they suffer through muddy roads since the road passing in front of the army rescue unit was blocked.

The bike riders also solicited the Mayor to partner with a driving school so they can learn basics on the highway code.

Requests that Mayor Chenwi Peter says will be channeled to the competent administrative and security officers to make them ply the roads in better conditions.

Bike riders speak out against numerous harassments 

Mayor Chenwi Peter further reiterated that with the creation of an identification unit in councils, it will ease the making of National identity cards for them.

An announcement that the bike riders say will go a long way in improving their contribution to the return to peace and normalcy.

The bike riders syndicate also used the meeting to call on others who do not belong to the syndicate to join them for the development of the subdivision.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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