North West: Youth Affairs Minister Inaugurate Youth Empowerment Centres

Mounouna Foutsou welcomed in Bamenda I

The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou has officially commissioned the multipurpose youth empower centres in Baligham, Santa subdivision and Bamendakwa, Bamenda I subdivision.

While commissioning the buildings that are dedicated to the empowerment of the youth through ICT, agriculture and other techniques that the youth can use for their personal development, Mounouna Foutsou reminded them that without peace, they cannot be adequate development.

"We need peace to be able to emerge. We are constructing these centres for your development. Don't allow yourselves to be distracted by people who do not want your progress and I hope you will make maximum use of this centre." The Minister told the youth present.

Mayor Mbigha Felix 

Speaking as he welcomed the Minister to Bamenda I, the Mayor of the Bamenda I council, Mbigha Njah Felix saluted the Minister for giving them an imposing structure that will henceforth shape the future and destiny of the youths of the Municipality.

Mayor Mbigha Felix praised all the active forces in the subdivision for working sleeplessly for the return to peace and normalcy in the Municipality.

Like Oliver twist, the Mayor requested for the available playground to be upgraded.

The construction of youth Empowerment centres in Baligham and Bamenda I takes the tally of Youth Empowerment Centres in the country to 401. A number the Minister promises to increase in the days ahead.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs has been under the spotlight of recent as the government implements the triennial youth plan.

Minister Monouna Fotso was in the North West Region to officially launch the civilian activities ahead of the National Day.


Bangha Bernard

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