Ndeerla Set Pace For NW To Follow, Breathes Peace, Cultural Diversity

Mbum Fons and the Fons of Mankon and Nkwen

The people of Mbum land in Donga Mantung Division have promised to export the current peace they enjoy to the rest of the restive North West region.

The Mbum sons and daughters took the commitment at the second edition of the showcase of the Mbum tradition known as Ndeerla.

Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen 

Held at the Blue pearl Hotel in Bamenda, the President of Wimbum Cultural and Development Association Bamenda branch said the purpose of the Ndeerla is first to celebrate the rich culture of the Wimbum people, the staple food of the Wimbum people and to also create an avenue where young boys and girls can come across each for marriage.

As regards peace, majority of the indigenes of Mbum land vomited the current socio-political crisis at the start and today enjoy plenty of peace. Peace which the President General says will be exported to all of the region as they have cautioned their sons and daughters to be peace loving, sociable and tolerant wherever they find themselves.

As regards the extension of peace to other communities, His Majesty Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen hammered on the need to respect the law for any meaningful development will be achieved.

"They're schools that need to be built, small businesses that need financial support, youth employment. No development objective can be attained if we are pulling in different directions. Peace is indispensable if we want to achieve sustainable development in our community."

The Fon has also recommended that a cleansing rite be performed across all villages of the North West to stop the bloodshed and eradicate the killer syndrome that has claimed more than 3000 lives.


Fon FAN ANGWAFO IV of Mankon likewise his brother of Nkwen, unanimously called on those resident abroad to play a vital role in the development of their villages that greatly needs social amenities. 

To the youths, the Fons recommended that they embrace technical and vocational training as a gateway to employment and self-reliance.

Fon Ivo Wepke of Luh

Speaking to The Observer, His Majesty Fon Ivo Wepke, Fon of Luh said his sons and daughters should respect the customs and traditions of the host communities. He also answered the call of the Fon of Nkwen to make his palace, their home.

The 2023 Ndeerla is in its second edition and saw the participation of more than 1000 persons of all works of life.

The Ndeerla also served as an opportunity for the display of the rich cultural dances of the Mbum people and participants received blessings from their Fons.

Mbum land is found in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region. It covers both Ndu and Nkambe Central subdivisions, consisting of 33 villages.

The 2023 Ndeerla saw the participation of Fo Angwafo IV of Mankon and Fon Azehfor III Nkwen for the first time.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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