Fon Azehfor III Knighted

Fon Azehfor III shortly after receiving medal

His Majesty the Fon of Nkwen, Fon III has been knighted by the President of the Republic.

Decorated at the Bamenda commercial Avenue grandstand on May 20 by North West Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique, Fon Azehfor received the medal of Knight of the Cameroon Order of Merit.

The medal recognizes the selfless services that the Fon has rendered to his kingdom and astute service to the nation as a pedagogue.

Fon Azehfor III has been on a large crusade in and out of the country, canvassing for a return to normalcy back home, ensuring that Nkwen sons and daughters invest back home and encouraging parents to send their children to technical and vocational training.

The member of the North Regional Assembly's House of Chiefs has been steadfast in ensuring that peace can return to their villages if the tradition of the land is perfectly respected.

"I am an Ambassador of peace especially during this crisis period. I am also the father and promoter of modern technical education where I believe we can easily transmit better skills to this challenging generation to find better jobs"

For the last two years, the Fon of Nkwen has overseen the organization of the Festival of Heritage, Arts and Culture, FEHACU, celebrating the rich culture and food of the Nkwen people.

Enthroned on the 18th November 2013, Fon Azehfor III will soon clock 10 years on the throne. Years many have described as productive, enriching and uniting.

The Fon has dedicated his medal to a return to peace in the villages and for children to graduate with sufficient knowhow through technical and vocational education.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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