Bamenda I, Bamenda II Councils suffocating with low revenue collection

Mayor of Bamenda II (left), Bamenda I (right)

The Mayors of Bamenda I and II Councils in Mezam Division of the North West Region have complained of low income generation at their level, relying mostly on government subdivision.

In Bamenda II, only 9 million francs was raised by the council staff in 2023. Quizzed about this, the Mayor, Chenwi Peter says most of the markets constructed by the council are not functional meanwhile council workers who go out for tax drives are kidnapped.

The worrisome situation saw the council get just 37% of its 2022 budget. 

1.8 billion was budgeted and just 760 million francs was collected.

Bamenda II Mayor, Peter Chenwi notes that the situation is even dire because all the functional markets in his Municipality are under the control of the city Mayor.

"If we had just one market, the situation would not have been like this. All the markets are under the control of the City council and so we cannot generate our own revenue. " Mayor Chenwi said.

In Bamenda I, the level of income generating activities are very minimal. Mayor Mbigha Felix says if not of government subvention, the situation could have been worse.

It is further compounded as the one thing that can generate revenue, Building permits, is controlled by the city council.

There has been an influx of people into Bamendakwe since the start of the socio-political crisis in the North West Region in 2016 with houses propping up every now and then. 

The council only relies on a percentage.

Despite priding itself that they're an island of peace in a turbulent North West, the Bamenda I council functions only thanks to state subvention and the council got 530 million francs out of the 889 million francs budgeted.

Bamenda I 

This means away from the state subvention and the execution of Public Investment Projects, Mayors cannot realize the promises made to the people during their campaigns.

Despite their very low income realizations, the Bamenda II Council was able to supply medical equipment to two health centers, construct bridges, Maintain roads, construct a zoo-technical centre in Chomba, construct two blocks of classroom in Ntambag. The council has also launched the construction of a 307 million low cost housing in Ntambag.

Bamenda II Council 

Meanwhile in Bamenda I, GS Station was rehabilitated, construction of the youth empowerment centre, opening of rural roads, construction of solar panels, 12 boreholes and distribution of startups as part of the Presidential Plan for the reconstruction and development of the North West and South West Regions.

While the two subdivisional councils are looking for means to increase their revenues, the councillors of Bamenda II have called on the council to operate a public cemetery and a modern slaughter house.

The councils are also seeking to get municipal police that can enforce task collection while negotiations are ongoing at the supervisory authority to get more resources allocated to subdivisional councils.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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