Senatorial Elections: Prof Mrs Neba Ndosiri Galvanizes Councillors on Women's Day

Prof Mrs Neba Ndosiri Bridget 

The CPDM Senatorial candidate representing Mezam at the March 12th Senatorial Elections have called on the councillors to vote massively and vote the CPDM list.

Prof Mrs Neba Ndosiri Bridget was speaking as the councillors converged on the Bamenda I Council for a common meal to celebrate Women's Day.

Mayor Paul Achombang cautions Councillors that there is no room for complacency

Speaking on the occasion, the representative of the  Section President of Mezam IA, Achombang Paul said the CPDM party did not make a mistake to select a woman of mettle to run as Candidate representing Mezam.

He described Prof Neba as an intelligent, accessible woman who is made of substance.

An assertion corroborated by Dr Asheri Kilo, Secretary of State in Ministry of Basic Education and CPDM Divisional Campaign Head for Bui.

She told the councillors present that:

"A movement runs better when women are at the fore. The women in the North West carry this flame. Womanhood is motherhood."

Dr Asheri Kilo 

The rallying call from Dr Asheri Kilo was reassuring to the women just like the men who she says they cannot do without, calling on them to give the CPDM a resounding victory on March 12th.

Dr Asheri Kilo stated empathetically that they're no rooms for compromises as even a single vote will and should not be joked with.

The candidate Prof Mrs Neba Ndosiri Bridget made the clarion call to the councillors to vote for the CPDM because it is a party for peace and development.

Quizzed about her motivation, she told The Observer that she wants to work for the advancement of the Decentralization process in Cameroon, promising to work in tandem with the Regional and Municipal councils to achieve their results on the field.

The CPDM used the reception to call on the 31 SDF councillors of Bamenda III to vote massively for the CPDM list and as they put it, the CPDM party is one of peace, development, living together and prosperity.

Cross section of councillors and other party dignatories 

Dr Asheri Kilo said the councillors of the other party should come forthwith and together with the CPDM, they should foster the development drive of the region that collectively belongs to them all.

Paul Achombang earlier hinted that he has received messages on social media talking about a sanction vote on the CPDM, but says with the level of mobilisation, he is assured that it will be a plebiscite come Sunday.

The two speakers highlighted that there is no complacency in the elections as the CPDM is going for a kill.

Accompanied by other party and state authorities like the Governor of the North West Region, the President of the Regional Assembly, the Director General of Customs and a host of councillors from the seven council areas of Mezam, the CPDM has adopted tactics to protect its votes from swaying into the camp of their adversaries saying that "the time of the opposition is over."

CPDM Bigwigs celebrate Women's Day with Prof Mrs Neba 

The CPDM counts 248 councillors in Mezam as compared to 31 of the SDF.

From Mezam, the CPDM is presenting Prof Mrs Neba Ndosiri Bridget. She is the current WCPDM Section President of Mezam IA, a Professor of Chemistry from the  University of Yaounde I.

Before her nomination which she attaches a lot of thanks to her party hierarchy, she is currently serving as Technical Adviser Number One to the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the family.

She was supported on her common meal by other CPDM bigwigs like Prof Uphie Chinje.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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