Senatorial Elections: CPDM Momo ends Campaign with sporting Activities, poised for Victory

Sporting Activities in Mbengwi 

Councillors of Momo East have squared up with their counterparts of Momo West as the CPDM officially concluded campaigns in Mbengwi.

The sporting activities which officially marked the end of the campaigns served as an opportunity for the councillors to bond, exchange notes and take a commitment to give the CPDM a resounding victory come March 12.

Supported by the Members of Parliament from Momo West and Momo East, the Honourable Enwe Francis, candidate representing Momo Division, called on the councillors to be united and vote the CPDM party come Sunday. He described the elections as crucial for the sustainability of the party in Momo.

All the five Mayors and heads of the Communal Campaign teams of the CPDM reassured their candidate that everything is set and the party will be receive the votes come Sunday.

The final day of campaigns in Mbengwi was marked with joy as the councillors have assured party hierarchy of a resounding victory as the CPDM control all five councils in Momo.

Earlier in the week, the campaign team received a push from the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha Rose, Campaign leader for Momo.

Honourable Enwe Francis, an accessible politician who was very receptive to his constituents during his 12 year stay at the National Assembly, has promised to be the bond and shoulder on whom the councillors can lean on.

He is running for a place in the Senate after leaving the National Assembly in 2020.

The CPDM list is squaring up against the SDF list in the North West Region.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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