North West: Biya Appoints from Opposition, renews confidence in party faithfuls

President Paul Biya appoints 30 Senators 

The President of the Republic has appointed the 30 remaining senators at Cameroon's upper House to complete the country's Senate.

In a decree read on the 8:30 PM newscast on the Crtv, the President of the Republic appoints Senators Regina Mundi, Fon Chafah Isaac XI of Bangolan and Vanigansen MoChiggle to complete the shortlist of North West Senators.

The three appointed Senators served in Cameroon's upper House during the last legislature.

Poli-bureau member Regina Mundi served as Senator since 2018 same with Fon Chafah Isaac.

Vanigansen MoChiggle, incumbent Senate Vice President was elected in 2018 but the SDF list whom he headed could amass just 40 votes in the North West Region.

He thus returns to the Senate thanks to the mercy of the head of the state.

The SDF strong man appreciated the 2023 polls and notes that it was " free, fair and transparent."

The native of Bali and ace journalists, The Observer thinks replaces Fon Doh Ghayonga of Bali who leaves the Senate after serving two mandates.

Fon Doh is the only Senator appointed in 2013 that was maintained in 2018. The head of the Foreign affairs committee thus leaves the Senate after serving 10 years.

Like in 2018, Mezam gets two appointed Senators. Senators Regina Mundi and Fon Doh in 2018, Regina Mundi and Vanigansen MoChiggle in 2023.

The Senate particularly gets some exciting names.

Current Senate President, Niat Njifenji Marcel is appointed for the third consecutive mandate from the West Region and former FECAFOOT President, Seidou Mbombo Njoya has been appointed.

The 10 senators from the North West Region are:

1. Emma Lafon
2. Ngafeeson Emmanuel
3. Prof Mrs Neba Ndosiri Bridget
4. Prof Carl Mbufong Moses
5. Sekedi Bomeh Kobenge
6. Fointama Hilda
7. Enwe Francis
8. Mrs Regina Mundi
9. Fon Chafah Isaac XI
10. Vanigansen MoChiggle


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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