Mezam Gets First Elected Female Senator, Constitutional council salutes ELECAM

Clement Atangana, President of the constitutional council

The constitutional council has on March 23rd 2023 declared results of the March 12 Senatorial Elections in Cameroon.

According to the results, the CPDM party recorded a victory in all the 10 regions of Cameroon thereby securing all 70 elected seats.

The President of the Constitutional council, Clement Atangana saluted Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, for organizing the polls with no major hitches.

Clement Atangana says the polls were organized with no incidence of fraud and no violence.

After reading the results, the CPDM stages a symbolic comeback in the North West region.

The party recorded an emphatic 95.77% of the votes cast as against 4.23% for the SDF.

Prof Mrs Nebah Ndosiri 

The results therefore mean that Senator-elect, Prof Mrs Nebah Ndosiri Bridget becomes the first female Elected Senator from Mezam in the North West.

In 2013, late Prime Minister Emeritus, Simon Achidi Achu was elected and in 2018, Vanigansen MoChiggle took the command baton. 

Prof Mrs Nebah Ndosiri therefore brings in a new dynamism after the impressive performance of Senator Mrs Regina Mundi who despite being appointed, has greatly communed with the masses especially women and the girl child for the last five years.

The professor of Chemistry hails from Bamendakwe village in Bamenda I subdivision and before her brilliant election on March 12 was serving as Technical Adviser Number One to the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the family. 

Senator-elect Prof Mrs Nebah is serving as Section President of the WCPDM Mezam IA.

Also declared elected this March 23 is Emma Lafon.

Senator Emma Lafon stages a spectacular comeback after the CPDM list failed to win in 2018.

The National Secretary General of the WCPDM was first elected Senator in 2013 and is the only former Senator who stages a comeback.

Honourable Enwe Francis in white muffler

Also on the list is Honourable Enwe Francis, the Senator-elect hails from Momo Division and is staging a comeback into Cameroon's parliament after serving as Member of Parliament for Momo West constituency for 13 years.

The accessible, soft spoken politician many say incarnates the values of the grassroot.

Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar gets into the Senate after his first attempt.

The former member of government who served as Secretary of State in Ministry of National Education and also Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice in charge of Penitentiary Administration brings in more than 40 years of experience in administration into the Senate. 

Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar is a trained Finance Expert.

Dr Sekedi Bomeh

Dr Sekedi Bomeh Kobenge from Menchum is the youngest of all the 7 candidates. He holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering and is coming in from the private sector.

Prof Carl Mbufong Moses has been elected. The pioneer Registrar of the University of Bamenda hails from Ngoketunjia Division.

Fointama Hilda from Boyo is widely regarded as a grassroot woman, elected to serve the community. The teacher has been greatly regarded as a soft speaker who despite her humility is a strong advocate for community values.

The seven elected Senators 

With the election of the 70 senators, All from the CPDM, the Cameroonian people are now looking up to the President of the Republic for the appointment of the remaining 30.

The president of the Republic has 10 days according to the law to effect these appointments.

For now, Senators Mrs Regina Mundi, Fon Chafah Isaac XI of Bangolan and Fon Doh of Bali were appointed in 2018.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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