HRH Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen votes as Traditional Ruler

Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen 

HRH Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen has casted a vote towards community development and projection during the Senatorial Elections Sunday March 12, 2023 at the Mezam headquarters polling station. 

After casting his vote, he acknowledges it is his civic responsibility adding that it's a means to eventually develop their various communities and the region as a whole. 

“It is my civic duty and responsibility inorder to cast my vote to support and to decide on our Senators, those who will be representing us at the national level. We are doing this because we will be looking at them very closely to see that every development of this region is projected given the fact that the decentralization process is fast becoming a reality.”

After the major National Dialogue, the North West and South West regions were given a special status and House of chief was created, under the North West Regional Assembly. 

“We as traditional rulers we are part of the system and the system involves all of us so that we come on board to encourage our communities to grow.” Fon Azehfor III opined. 

Fon Azehfor III joins 16 other Fons from the House of Chiefs to take part in the elections.

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