Enwe Francis Mobilizes Female Councillors, Campaigns in Mbengwi

Hon Enwe and a cross section of female councillors in Mbengwi 

Honourable Enwe Francis has called on all the councillors of Momo Division to make the right choice come Sunday March 12.

Speaking in Mbengwi as the Momo woman joined their counterparts the world over to celebrate Women's Day, Enwe Francis called on the female councillors to do the needful and cast their votes for the only party that can guarantee peace and development of the Division.

Accompanied by their male counterparts, Hon Enwe stated emphatically that they cannot risk the future of the North West in the hands of the opposition candidates which he says have done nothing for the masses for the last five years.

"What have the SDF Senators done for the last five years that they're coming to ask for votes today? Did you see them here before? What guarantees that you will them here again? Make the wise choice and vote for a servant-leader who will be here with you during the dry and rainy season" Hon Enwe told the councillors.

He also used the women's day gala to called on the supporters of the opposition parties to join the CPDM, the party of the future, development and prosperity so together they can work like one man for the advancement of Momo.

The erstwhile Member of Parliament has a reputation of addressing issues that concern the common man during his twelve year stay in the National Assembly.

Honourable Enwe Francis is no new comer to parliamentary business and has promised the Momo councillors and Mayors that he will work ceaselessly to vote laws that meet their aspirations.

The five councils of Momo are controlled by the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement whose Mayors and councillors have pledged that no vote will be 'wasted' to their adversaries.

Of the seven CPDM substantive candidates, only Senator Emma Lafon and Honourable Enwe Francis have had a full taste of Cameroon's Parliamentary democracy before.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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