CPDM at 38: Philemon Yang Calls on Senators-elect to be exemplary, make mandate Memorable

Prime Minister Emeritus, Philemon Yang, Leader of the CPDM in the North West 

The CPDM permanent regional coordinator for the North West, Philemon Yang has challenged the newly elected Senators to be exemplary in the discharge of their duties.

Speaking at the Bamenda Congress Hall, Friday 24th March 2023, Philemon Yang noted with exactitude that this mandate is going to be memorable in the lives of the militants of the CPDM.

He used the party anniversary to congratulate the Municipal and Regional Councillors for voting massively for the party and standing by their candidates.

The CPDM party recorded an emphatic 95% of the valid votes cast and therefore retains all seven seats in the region.

 5 of the 7 elected Senators

A victory saluted by the Section President of Mezam IB, Cletus Anye Matoyah who hailed the party for projecting a woman in Mezam and three women in the North West.

Largely considered as the party for peace and development, the party bigwigs called on its militants not to forget that peace is a precondition for every good thing and nation building takes both the short, medium and long term.

Philemon Yang emphasized that the CPDM is at the foundation for a United and indivisible Cameroon.

Militants of the CPDM at the Bamenda Congress Hall 

Celebrating under the theme: "Rejoicing, gathering and
mobilising behind the National President Paul BIYA, in full
awareness of the challenges and future electoral stakes," the party used its 38th anniversary to educate the militants on the responsible use of the social media.

Minister Ghogomu Paul Mingo called on all and sundry not be enslaved by the social media and focus more on empowering themselves through different tools on the internet.

He asked them to shun sharing unnecessary pictures, videos and their locations as it can just become the next big problem.

The 2023 celebration of the creation of the CPDM served as an opportunity for the party to take stock of its progress since the 2020 twin elections. 

The party say they're committed to emerge victorious whenever they're called to the polls.

Hon Nji Fidelis reads motion of support 

The CPDM was born in Bamenda on March 24th 1985 from the ashes of the Cameroon National Union and have emerged victorious in every election they have contested for.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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