Tiko: Pregnant Woman Arrested Over separatist attacks


A suspect has been arrested in connection with the separatist attacks that occurred in the locality of Tiko, South West Region, on February 10, 2023.

MelvisKetchaNuteha, 32, was reportedly arrested by defence and security forces who carried out a raid in the neighbourhood where the attacks occurred.

At least five persons were killed and 40 others injured when separatist fighters attacked a truck transporting workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation.

Melvis is one of the suspects arrested in connection with the attacks. The mother of two was picked up on suspicion that she was at the venue of the attacks.

Mercy, 32, had been brought to a local Police Post in Tiko, Fako Division in the South West Region of Cameroon the night before where she was questioned and detained.

According to preliminary investigations, she is suspected to have connived with separatist fighters to carry out an attack the previous day which left several persons injured.

Investigators close to the matter say Melvis was present at the scene of the attack when gunmen opened fire, injuring several persons but she came out unscathed.

While confirming her presence on the scene, Melvis denies any links to the separatist. She rather stresses that she was forced to take cover in a nearby bush as the armed gunmen ran amok in the locality.

“I explained to the uniform officers that I do not know nor have any links to the Amba Boys (separatist fighters). I have been living out of the country for the past five years and just came back to Cameroon,”Melvis said.

The mother is two is said to have returned to the country early this year for a visa appointment at the Canadian High Commission and was residing in Douala. She added that she only travelled to Tiko to visit her father who works at the CDC plantation.

She has since been released after spending a night in cell but investigators say she can be called up for further questioning if need be.

It should be recalled that the recent separatist attacks is not an isolated case. Two months ago, a group of armed men attacked workers in a plantation in Mondoni, a locality in the outskirts of Tiko, killing at least two workers.

Separatist fighters have imposed a no-work ghost town day every Monday in the Anglophone regions where they are fighting to get a breakaway state.

At least 5000 persons have been killed, two million internally displaced and over 35,000 persons who have crossed over to Nigeria as refugees, according to figures from the Centre of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa.

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