Mezam IC Section Holds Section Conference, promises to Conquer subdivision

Mezam 1C Section Executives

The President of the CPDM Mezam IC Section has enjoined militants of the party to remain steadfast in the ideals of the new deal as the party prepares to conquer the Bamenda III subdivision.

Che Ndaka Nicolas was speaking in Nkwen during a Joint Section Conference of the party held under the Theme: Unity, Development and the consolidation of peace.

A theme which the WCPDM Section President, Nwana Mercy says falls squarely on the shoulders of Women who have a greater responsibility to bring up kids. She called on the women to talk their kids out of this senseless crisis that has claimed the lives of many since it broke out in 2016.

Che Ndaka Nicolas, Section President

A crisis which Che Ndaka Nicolas says has scared some party militants to move into hiding, some of their houses and cars burnt. He says after six years, it is evident that the CPDM is the pathway to peace, development and prosperity.

As regards peace, Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen enjoined all and sundry to keep working hard for peace in the subdivision which he says is priceless.

"We cannot develop without peace. The young people cannot use unorthodox means to empower themselves.

"We should stand together for peace. When there is peace, there is development. No development can take place in chaos." His Majesty told the crowd.

HRH Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen

Fon Azehfor encouraged the young persons present to be entrepreneurial for the Cameroon of tomorrow belongs to them. He also told militants of the party to embrace technical and vocational education. To him, this is a bailout to unemployment in the society.

The YCPDM and WCPDM Section Presidents called on those who are still to get registered in the electoral register to do so as fast as possible.

Re-echoing this, Hon Nestus Fru Manju highlighted that " you cannot win elections when you don't have a voters card. As early as Tuesday, go to the Elecam branch office at Mile and get enrolled. We are taking over, we are marching unto victory, don't be left behind."

Despite the strides made to keep the party alive after the section was born in 2016, the party executives say there is massive unemployment of its youth.

A cross section of party followers

This makes contributions towards party activities really slow and they can only depend on the central committee.

The section President urged government not to forget the sons and daughters of Mezam IC during appointments, promotions and transfers.

He says "Non of our militant is a Director, subdirector or even a school principal. We wish that they be remembered in future appointments." Che Ndaka told the Observer.

The Section also called on government to fast track construction of the low cost housing in Mile 5 and also the University teaching hospital. To them, this will bring substantial development in the area and create subsidiary industries.

Created in 2016 from the then Mezam I, Mezam IC counts 15 subsections and over the last 3 years, more than 1000 militants have been enrolled on the Voters list.

It is the first Section to organise a Section Conference since the last CPDM re-organization in 2021.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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