CAMTEL Blue Brand Now Accessible Nationwide

MTN GM (left), CAMTEL GM (right) after signing partnership

The Cameroon Telecommunications Company, CAMTEL and MTN Cameroon have officially launched a National roaming service.

With the service, CAMTEL now offers subscribers the possibility of remaining connected to network services by automatically switching to MTN's network in areas not yet covered by CAMTEL.

Launched in Nkoteng in the Upper Sanaga Division on Thursday 15th December, 2022, the launch comes as a perfect response to the plea of CAMTEL subscribers.

Accessibility to network is very difficult in rural areas as the company mostly covers the urban areas of the country.

Judith Yah Sunday, GM of CAMTEL

With the roaming service, the GM said CAMTEL subscribers in areas not yet covered will automatically be connected to and enjoy services through MTN, including access to data, making and receiving national and international calls, sending and receiving national and international SMS as well as make USSD transactions.

She said the availability of CAMTEL's network in 2G, 3G and 4G throughout the national territory, guarantees quality of service, security and confidentiality of subscribers' information without any additional charges.

Yah Sunday said the roaming service is fruits of collaboration between the two companies in the same territory and domain of operation for the benefit of users.

"This is a very good initiative...it is definitely going to be beneficial to the end user because the government is supporting the sharing of infrastructure. So, instead of having duplications, the sharing will reduce the cost for customers as the operators mutualise their resources and offer the same services," Yah Sunday explained.

The General Manager said the concession agreements granted CAMTEL by government permits the company to now take mobile telecoms services to the doorsteps of all Cameroonians.

She said Nkoteng, by the launch of the roaming service, is therefore covered by CAMTEL through MTN and many other localities that did not have access to CAMTEL services.

She also saluted the giant steps taken by the new MTN CEO for reviewing cooperation ties between both companies and looking at what the future holds for both corporations, implementing the finishing touches and clearing the last technical and commercial hurdles that stood on the way of the effective launch of the operation.

"The solution we are launching today is therefore the culmination of many relentless working sessions by our various operational teams," Yah Sunday said, while hailing efforts of MTN, CAMTEL and HUAWEI teams for their professionalism

Mitwa Ng'ambi, GM of MTN

Speaking at the ceremony, the CEO of MTN Cameroon, Mitwa Ng'ambi, said the launch is a dream come true of a journey about "evolution of technology and competition into collaboration and evolution of digital transformation and the development of the digital economy".

She said the agreement between both companies stipulates that CAMTEL customers will now be able to connect with their CAMTEL SIM cards onto MTN network in areas where CAMTEL is not present and progressively agreed upon as collaborative partners.

"This technological innovation will enable customers of CAMTEL to access not only local but international services, but as well as voice, data, SMS and other services," the CEO said.

Mitwa said the collaboration between both companies is the first within the telecoms industry in the country and will undoubtedly pave the way for further collaborations.

"The first phase that we are launching today includes about 250 sites on which CAMTEL customers can access MTN network," she disclosed.

Mitwa said CAMTEL chose MTN as its travel companion in the exciting journey because of the company's slogan: "Everywhere you go".
She boasted that MTN network today covers 97% of the population across the national territory with 2G, 3G and 4G services and assured that the company is looking to fill the remaining 3% gap.

"Our network is modern, robust and reliable and we are constantly making efforts to expand it beyond where we are today," she stated, adding that MTN network equally responds to the demands of the future.

"So, dear CAMTEL, you have chosen no better partner in us," she assured officials of the incumbent telecom operator.

The MTN Cameroon CEO said beyond the commercial objectives of both companies, the launch of the National Roaming Service is a collaboration that brings value to the people of not only Nkoteng but the country at large.

The event was witnessed by a mammoth crowd among whom were several top state officials including among others the Senior Deputy Vice President of the National, Hon Hilarion Etong, elite of the region, traditional rulers

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