Bamenda II council to focus on infrastructural Development in 2023

Bamenda II Mayor, left, 1st Deputy, Right

The Municipality of Bamenda II plans to open more roads, provide portable water and extend electricity in 2023.

The councillors voted a budget of 1.8 billion francs CFA to carryout these projects.

According to the Mayor of the Municipality, Chenwi Peter, the opening of roads in particular will witness a boast as the council recently acquired a front-end loader truck and will be adding to a dump truck and a grader in 2023.

This according to the Mayor will greatly facilitate the opening of secondary roads within the Municipality and maintaining the existing ones.

Members of the council Board 

As concerns housing, the council seeks to implement the social housing project known as the low-cost housing. Mayor Chenwi says the council has already secured land for this project and the high intensive human labour will be implored to ensure that the youth of the Municipality have jobs. Only locally fabricated material will be used to realized this project.

In the domain of water and electricity, health centres that received medical equipment in 2022 will benefit from solar panels in 2023. This will greatly improve health care delivery as Bamenda has been witnessing general low voltage while some quarters go for weeks without electricity.

Chenwi Peter, Bamenda II Mayor 

Also, solar boreholes will be constructed in some selected quarters after Ntambag, Ntamulung and Mulang in 2022. The council plans to start with the Nsongwa palace in 2023.

The Bamenda II council administration informed the councillors that the council board meeting at Ayaba Hotel on Friday December 23, 2022 will be one of the last sessions held out of the council premises. Mayor Chenwi hinted that a new edifice to host the council is almost complete and when the board meets to examine the Administrative and Management accounts, the new office will be ready to welcome them.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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