Bambui: Lah International handed Mantle as Fon's Representative,. officially Presented

LAH(middle), Fon of Bambui, left, Fon of Bambili, Right

His Majesty the Fon of Bambui has bestowed on  Lopti Amungwa Hilary the title of Akamanchou.

Fon Angafor Mobo-oh conferred the title on Lopti popularly known as Lah International after his immense works in the development and promotion of values, hardwork and development in the Fondom.

Akamanchou Lopti Amungwa Hilary 

Akamanchou meaning the Fon's representative for the North West was handed to Lopti Amungwa Hilary because of the numerous sport jamborees organised in the village where the love for motherland is taught and serves as a rallying ground for young persons in the Fondom.

As an international business mogul, Lah International has trained many young persons from the village in business and are settled across the world.

He has also been working hard to ensure that the Bambui museum is functional and also contributed to the acquisition of the car for the Fon of Bambui.

Official designation 

Dickson Mbumbu, National President of the Bambui Cultural and Development Association challenged the new Akamanchou to galvanize the sons and daughters of Bambui from home and abroad so they can make motherland better today than they met it.

Bambui, host to some schools of the University of Bamenda and capital of Tubah subdivision is also host to the minor seminary.

The designation of Lopti Amungwa Hilary was done on the 30th October 2022 during the crowd pulling memorial of HRH Amungwafor II. He is one  amongst the five designated amongst which are the Fon's representatives for the South West, West amongst others.

After his official designation, LAH International said; "for my own strength I will not fail you. Please pray for me and stand by me." Lopti told the hundreds of persons who came to see witness the occasion.

More than 15 Fons, drawn from the North West answered present. The Fons have called on him to continue the good works in all earnest.

College of traditional rulers

Dignatries from across the board paid special tributes to Lopti Amungwa Hilary.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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  1. Good report on the installation of Akamanchuo Amungwa Lopti Hilary as the Bambui Fon's representative for the North west. You referred to the Saint Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Bambui as a minor Seminary ,and I guess it is an error.