At Nikwi of FO Angwafo III, Mankon King preaches forgiveness, reconciliation, Development

Fo FAN Angwafo IV 

The newly crowned Fon of Mankon Fondom FAN Angwafo IV has echoed peace and unity as well as ways for sustainable development and areas of investment in the Mankon Clan. 

Addressing the population through Tsi Angwafo, the second in command, during the celebration of his disappeared father Thursday 15 December 2022 at the Mankon Court yard, he appreciated the support from the population since the disappearance of his father Fo SAN Angwafo III. Acknowledges the fact that Fon Angwafo III was an inspiration and devoted father whose ideas and leadership was geared  towards peace and development. 

“Our land is rich for farming but it is limited. Therefore we need to exploit al of this. We need to invest in agriculture and also see that farming, processing and transformation of farm produce be done in Mankon. ” part of his statement read. 

The land has been plagued with the ongoing sociopolitical crisis that escalated into an armed conflict. Several lives and properties have been lost, hundreds displaced from their comfort zones to other areas. A situation which the New King lamented over highlighting that change has to be effected.
Cleanliness, stream protection and pollution beginning from households are also encouraged.

Being a Dynamic and ambitious man, Fon Angwafo IV has  encouraged unity at all levels and collective efforts from all for sustainable development of the land and its environs.

Fru- Asaah Angwafor was on June 7, 2022 transformed and presented with the name, Angwafor IV to become the 21st traditional
ruler of Mankon land, a first class fondom in the North West region. He is the President of the Board of Directors (BOD) of Rainbow Cooperative Credit Union an Umbrella Association of micro finance institutions. He is also a teacher with the technical educational sector.  

Fon Angwafo IV started his educational life at GPSNtingkah-Mankon from 1980, became a student of GTC and GTH S Bamenda and the 1st and 2nd cycles of ENSETDouala. His career as an educationist is summed up in
teaching and leading at GTC Oku, GTC Ndu, GTC Ntankah, GTHS Ababukam, GTHS Fundong and GTC Nkeung-Nkwen.

Taking over as King and noted for his leadership skills, the future looks promising for the Mankon People. 

Anye Nde Nsoh

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