Reconstruction Program: Bafut farmers Thank President Biya for incredible support


Farmers drawn from villages across Bafut subdivision have expressed their gratitude towards President Paul Biya for initiating the Presidential Plan for the reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions.

With its main arm, the United Nations Development Program, the recovery phase has seen farmers who lost their livelihood due to the Anglophone crisis, compensated.

Kong Gilbert, representative of the farmers 

From farms to livestock, the farmers attest through their representative Kong Gilbert at the premises of the Bafut council, Tuesday 1st November 2022 that indeed they have benefitted and bountifully.

"The six year old crisis has brought untold hardship to the population and the Bafut municipality. Various groups have been affected with farmers being the most as the entire subdivision depends largely on agriculture.

"We have received animal feeds, tricycles, farm inputs and we want to say thank you to President Paul Biya for not forgetting about Bafut." Kong recounted to the Observer.

According to the Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence, a total of 2500 victims enrolled their names at the council register when the plan started in 2020 and at this moment, farmers are the first beneficiaries.

The Mayor hinted that in the days ahead, those who suffered automobile damages will be compensated. He used the occasion to call on others who suffered damages to be patient as all will receive their due compensation.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence thanked immensely the President of republic for not forgetting about Bafut even at the time when the municipality was regarded as a red zone.

Cross section of the population 

As the farmers converge to say appreciate the head of state, one of the Divisional Representative of Bafut to the Regional Assembly, Ayele Gordon donated medical equipment worth 20 million Francs to the Bafut district hospital and other medical units in the subdivision. Conspicuous amongst the items was a dental chair and it's accessories to help curb the many tooth problems suffered in the subdivision.

Bafut subdivision is indeed the only amongst the 34 subdivisions that make up the North West to say thank you to the head of state for initiating the reconstruction Program. A thank you that overwhelmed the heart of the Divisional officer, Fokou Andelys who called on the population to remain law abiding. He noted that considerable delays in meeting the needs of those who suffered damages is as result of the fact that Bafut was a red zone (epicenter of the crisis).

As the security atmosphere continues to better, those who suffered from arson attacks are rest assured that their property will be reconstructed.

Handing over of Dental chair 

According to the coordinator of the plan, Minister Paul Tasong, speaking in Bamenda in 2020, he called on all and sundry to believe in the plan,  notting that their intentions were to 'build better.'

Farmers who lost crops and livestock have been given inputs ( everything) that warrants them just to take their final product to the market.

Dance groups

The market they say is short of food because some considerable work still has to be done on farm-to-market roads and an urgent need for the construction of a food processing plan in the subdivision.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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