Budgetary Orientation Debate: Bamenda II council urges Quarters to provide land for Development

Prince Tse Louis Angwafo, 1st Deputy Mayor of Bamenda II

Quarter heads and some Councillors of the Bamenda II council have called on the Mayor and council executive to allocate more projects in Chomba, Nsongwa and Mbatu during the 2023 financial year.

The quarter heads were speaking as the Bamenda II Council organised a budgetary orientation debate to listen to the community propose their needs for 2023.

In response to the plea from the community, the first Deputy Mayor of Bamenda II, Prince Louis Angwafo reminded the community leaders that several projects earmarked for these areas could not be realised. 

"Gunshots, kidnapping of contractors, stealing of materials were the order of the day. We needed to concentrate our efforts on relatively safer zones. As calm is gradually returning to these areas, more projects will be allocated there." Prince Louis Angwafo told the Observer.

Community leaders at the orientation debate 

The Deputy Mayor further told the community to own their projects. "Projects proposed to the council and is being funded must be protected by the community because no one will want to do the same project twice provided the scarce resources at the disposal of the council," he continued.

While some quarters wished for their health facility to be improved, the most conspicuous amongst the request from the quarters is for road maintenance, extension of water and electricity and the construction of bridges.

A request the council executive accepted and reminded the community that a heavy duty equipment has been bought solely for road maintenance. For other projects, the quarters will be needed to provide land to construct and not limited to boreholes, extension of health facilities and opening of roads.

In 2022, the council was able to construct box culverts, maintain roads, rehabilitate health centres and supply medical equipment, construct VIP toilets, construct a community hall and bridges.

With inputs from the members of the community and a better revenue collection in 2023, the council promises to stretch it's hand further.

The public consultation was organised in partnership with the interfaith Vision Foundation Cameroon, IVFCam.

IVFCAM working with councils 

The civil society organisation is implementing a project with goal to increase the effectiveness of civil society to effectively collaborate and communicate with the public and the local councils for the advancement of accountability and CSO-Government partnership in Cameroon.

IVFCAM and the Bamenda II council at the close of the public consultation, created a collaborative platform where ideas and projects can be brainstormed and realized without delay.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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