Bamenda I council: Councillors seeks to tackle water crisis in 2023

Mayor Mbigha Felix 

Councillors of the Bamenda I council have expressed the need for a water management committee to be setup to ensure the availability of the precious liquid in the municipality.

Home to several springs, it is a paradox that the council area is still in short supply of potable water.

Worried by the level of the water shortage, the councillors asked for a central water management committee that will oversee the extension of pipe borne water, protect water catchment areas and avoid wastage.

The councillors made the proposal as the council board sat to examine and vote the 2023 budget. The budget is balance in income and expenditure at 779.4 million Francs CFA, witnessing a drop of 90 million Francs CFA.

According to the Mayor, Mbigha Njah Felix, the drop is due to the fact that many items were budgeted in 2022 but not realized. Largely due to the low revenue generated by the council and low funds placed at the disposal of the council by government.

Mayor Mbigha is however optimistic that the financial difficulties the council finds itself can be reduced. This as the Bamendakwe market is now functional and the council envisages to construct 60 additional sheds in 2023 and 40 around the mile one junction.

The budget which the Mayor terms realistic will also go to extend electricity in some quarters, open up roads and construct box culverts. To realize the dream of better farm to market roads, the council has bought a caterpillar to facilitate this.

The council will also raise additional revenue from buses plying the Bamenda-Bafoussam highway and stationed at the council market.

Mayor Mbigha says the council has as aim to beautify Bamendakwe and the level of work done this far is thanks to the relative peace that they enjoy. Peace he says has brought the Bamenda Gas Plant to Bangshie worth 5 billion francs and the Bamenda proximity stadium. All  of which are income generating activities.

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