Bamenda II Council Opens Equipment Pool, population called to benefit

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has officially launched the equipment pool of the council, the first since creation.

The launching that took place on Sunday, 25th September 2022 brought together economic and political actors in the municipality who saluted the Mayor for achieving this feat. A feat that will fast track the opening of roads and construction of box culverts.

"I am very happy that today, we are able to get the first of several heavy duty equipment to start our equipment pool. This WI help in enhancing the development of the council area." Mayor Chenwi told the Observer.

Speaker after speaker like the General Manager of MIDENO, Cletus Anye Matorya, encouraged the council executive to immediately put the front head loader into use and ensure that the population of Bamenda reaps the benefit of the caterpillar.

He also advised the council to note that provisions for depreciation must be made so as to replace the machine when it fully depreciates.

The council is expecting a dump truck in the days ahead that will cost, together with the front head loader, the sum of 255 million francs CFA


Despite being a tool for the development of the council, the caterpillar can also be used by individuals of the council area. According to Mayor Chenwi, an individual wishing to use the machine should simply apply to the council and if the conditions are met, it will be placed at their disposal.

Security of the Caterpillar

Councillors of the municipality have been called upon to be the first  people to guarantee the security of the caterpillar. This call, made by the SDO's representative,  is to ensure that it doesn't suffer any attack during its time of work.

Emmanuel Mbock, Commissioner of the Central Police Station 

To further ensure the security of the caterpillar, it is lodged at the Bemenda Central Police and the uniform officers of the law must accompany the caterpillar during its time of work according to the Mayor.

Emmanuel Mbock, Commissioner of the Central Police has promised the security of the heavy duty equipment at all times and encourage other users to place their valuables at their care. 

All in all, inhabitants of Bamenda II have saluted this move which come days after the heavy rains have swept out a grater portion of the delipidated tar, causing severe gullies.

It is hoped that the roads will be made passable in days ahead.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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