Bafut: Stakeholders Adopt Strategies for Effective Back-to-School

Bafut Mayor talking with Head Teachers 

Education stakeholders in Bafut subdivision have adopted strategies for an effective back-to-School.

Meeting in Bafut Wednesday 31st August 2022, the Divisional Officer of Bafut called on the head teachers and Principals to brave the odds and ensure that the pupils and students regain the classrooms.

Divisional Officer of Bafut 

Fokou Njukeng Andelys was emphatic that the number of enrollment during the just ended academic year is below average as just 510 children were in school.

While encouraging a better enrollment this year, the DO explained that this far, all the stories explained to the community by pro separatists are mere lies. He enjoined the stakeholders to ensure that the number of enrollment this year really improves.

On the issue of community schools, he emphasized that such schools are banned across the subdivision.

"Communities should mobilise and clean regular schools and ensure that their children are there. Traditional authorities should encouraged that schools are effectively functional in the villages." the DO told the school authorities. 

Stakeholders present challenges 

From one head teacher to another, they all complained about the prevailing security challenges as they fear kidnaps and harassment.

A situation Fokou Andelys says can be handled if the schools are grouped in areas that are they safer. This will be easier, he says for security forces to be around the vicinities.

In other areas like in Sob, roofing sheets of classes have been chartered away while some portion of school buildings have given way. The DO assures them the buildings will be rehabilitated under the presidential plan for the Reconstruction of the North West and South West regions.

As the stakeholders prepare for an effective back-to-school, the council under the stewardship of the Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence has handed didactic material to schools and school going children in all the villages of Bafut.

Consisting of books, pens, bags, chalk. The Mayor also added soap for the washing of the uniforms and food items for the mothers.

Last academic year, COTECC Bafut had a timid enrollment with window protectors, metal doors and widows stolen from the school premises while the prestigious PSS Bafut was functional in the campus of PSS Mankon. 

Several strategies have been adopted to get these two institutions fully functional this year. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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