Back-to-School: Bamenda II Council Gifts to Bike riders

Mayor Chenwi Peter handing books to the bike riders 

Bikers riders circulating in the Bamenda II municipality have received didactic materials and fuel to send their children back to school.

The gesture from the Mayor of Bamenda II was received with great joy after 120 bike riders turned up to receive the items prepared for them.

Mayor Chenwi Peter was visibly satisfied "we have been receiving letters of appeal to assist the bike riders from far and Near. Many of whom complained that the increasing rains have made it difficult for them to work in Bamenda and eventually send their children to school. That is why the council decided to embark on this journey." Mayor Chenwi told The Observer.

Didactic materials

The Mayor while addressing the bike riders reminded them that education is the only industry in the North West Region and should be preserved jealously.

"To kill the future of the youth, you don't need bombs. Just stop them from going to school."

A message the bike riders appreciated by taking a commitment to be cautious on the highway, take children to and from school with extreme care and not to be used as vectors of terrorism.

The bike riders had messages on placards that read: "Failing to learn is learning to fail, late comers rush because Education must not wait, Education is Bread for the Have nots." the messages read.

Ndi Mayenin, President of bike riders 

Ndi Mayenin, President of the bike riders association thanked the Mayor for always coming to their aid. He recounted that the Mayor celebrated Christmas with them and did not forget about them when the new school year announced itself.

He has pledged his loyalty to the institutions of the state while hoping that other municipalities will think about them when drawing their action plan.

Fuel handed to the bike riders 

In total, the Bamenda II Council bought the didactic material worth 6 million Francs.

The Bamenda II Council also extended this gesture to pupils of the Government Bilingual School Old town and the Government Practicing school old town.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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