After floods in Mile 4, Bamenda City Council strategizes

People stranded in motor parks 

The population of Bamenda III was left in awe on Wednesday 31st August 2022 when a  heavy pour left hundred of persons stranded on either side of the mile 4 bridge.

The powerful runoff, coupled with the narrow banks of the river could not contain the fast flowing water that finally found itself on the road.

Bikes and several passenger vehicles could barely move as pedestrians looked for shelter in desperation.

For more than three hours, traffic was halted along the stretch that leads to the administrative head quarters of Bamenda III and the University of Bamenda.

This has left city councillors from Bamenda III in total frustration and as they converged on the Bamenda Parcours vita for the midterm evaluation, presented the current state of affairs.

The council board deliberated and adopted that emergency studies should be carried out and the bridge reconstructed within the next three months.

The councillors also agreed that the water banks be taken into consideration when carrying the studies as a measure to avoid future occurrences.

The council support fund for mutual assistance, FEICOM, immediately agreed to fund the project since it is a social one. 

City Board

Nenjo Nestor from FEICOM encouraged the council to quickly compose the file and submit it for funding. 

Other deliberations were voted authorising the City Mayor to spend 65 million francs over the next 2 months on garbage collection while a tender should be launched to contract a waste disposal and management company after Hysacam left Bamenda.

A deliberation saluted by the councillors as waste disposal has greatly improved in Bamenda over the last two months.

The new Bamenda food market in view 

To beautify the city of Bamenda, the councillors voted for an ultra-modern market to be constructed at food market in Bamenda.

To be partly financed by the French debt relief fund, C2D, the market will be a face-lift in Bamenda. Owing to the kind of structure, the City Mayor has opted out of a build-operate and transfer (BOT) and the council through a microfinance and a commercial bank will fund the project will is expected to be realized without delay.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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