Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko reviving Kumba through Sports Tournament

Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko hands trophy 

Bolo FC of Konye is the winner of the second edition of the Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko football tournament. Playing the final on Sunday, August 28, 2022, Bolo FC beat Mambanda FC of Kumba III Sub division 2-0 to lift the trophy for the second time after that of last year.

The goals were scored during the second half of the encounter after a goalless first half. 

The tournament which took place at the Government Practising School field Kumba Town  was watched by a mammoth crowd drawn from all the 10 Bafaw villages in Meme division  among whom were the cup donor, the Nfon of kumba and Paramount Ruler of the Bafaws, His Majesty, Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko and the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division represented by the Divisional Officer of kumba I Sub division, Ali Anogu.

Medals dished out at the final

The one month-long football tournament served  as a forum for the advancement of unity and togetherness of the Bafaws as it met its objective of peaceful coexistence among the youths during the long vacation.

The final comes at a time when the Nfon of kumba and Paramount Ruler of the Bafaws just returned to the country after a fruitful working visit to United States and  the United kingdom where he communed with Bafaw sons and daughters for the  development of kumba and the entire Bafaw chiefdom.

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