Matazem: Passengers Rejoice as Control Post is Dismantled

Long cues are now absent 

Passengers and drivers plying the Bamenda-Mbouda highway have expressed a lot of joy after the vigorous control post at Matazem has been dismantled.

Passengers were forced to spent several hours just to show their ID Cards at two separate control posts. One in the North West Region and the other in the West Region, trekking a distance of almost a kilometer.

Cues of buses now absent at Matazem. 

Suits of buses are checked one after the other and in cases where buses are too many, passengers spent no fewer than 2 hours to cross this particular stretch.

To some, the zone was already known as the Matazem border. Matters are further compounded when cars are entering in the wee hours of the day.

Buses line up just to be checked before entering the North West. Passengers are allowed to present their ID CARDS in long cues, buses controlled one after the other before they can enter the region. This makes business persons, students and workers traveling to carryon activities in the region to only do so after 10am.

Dust in the dry season and mud in the rainy season was the order of the day

Whether it rains or not, passengers are forced to obey these instructions with the very cold weather of Santa not taken into consideration.

Commuters have greeted the current move to dismantle one of the check points and passengers stepping out of their cars and vehicles.

This also mean about two hours is gained as passengers now move easily.

Conversely, business is gradually dying in the area as the two hours spend on the spot forced many to either eat or buy vegetables. With this time limited, purchases are also limited.

Commuters have been expressing plenty of joy since Tuesday August 9th when things started changing at the two control posts. 

Several changes are being recorded in the security operations in the North West Region since the installation of Brigadier General Bouba Dobekreo and Hosseini Djibo of the 5th Joint Military and 5th Gendamerie Region respectively.

This as the two Generals were charged to improve on the collaboration between the civilian population and the army. Many commuters have seen this as one of such moves to improve this collaboration for long lasting peace to return to the region. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

Photocredit: HilltopVoices
                        GP Media 

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