North West Salutes General Nka, Welcomes General Debokreo

Brigadier General Bouba Dobekreo 

The population of the North West Region have saluted the bravery, Assiduity and performance of the outgoing Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, Brigadier General Nka Valere and the Commander of the 5th Gendamerie Region, Brigadier General Ekongwesse Divine.

Speaking at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue Grand stand, Tuesday 19th July 2022, the City Mayor of Bamenda, Paul Achombong noted that the two Generals gave their all to secure the North West Region.

"They have seen the four corners of the North West Region. The dedication in which they carried out their respective missions must be saluted.

Their new assignments is testimony of the work they did here in the North West Region."

The dedication to leave the North West a better place than they met it forced the City Mayor to dream of a Bamenda without a crisis. A Bamenda where the inhabitants can move freely all night long and a Cameroon that is free of linguistic biases and which citizens will see one another as a brother no matter where they come from.

A dream Minister Joseph Beti Assomo shares. A dream the Minister Delegate at the Presidency says can become a reality if the population collaborate fully with the defense and security forces

"Return to peace depends largely on the defense and security forces it also requires your genuine, sincere and republican collaboration.

It is discomforting that several groups operate freely in some communities and with their collaboration."

While installing the incoming commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, Brigadier General Bouba Dobekreo, Minister Assomo called on him to be level headed and professional. He reminded him to devote himself fully to carryout the mission which he has been called.

Born some 64 years, the Army officer who has been in the ranks of the army for 36 years now is a graduate from the Combined Military Academy, EMIA and formerly served as General Commander of BIR.

After his promotion to the rank of Brigadier General in 2015, General Dobekreo served as sector Commander of the multinational Joint Task force with command post in Mora.

With a mission to ensure the safety and protection of people and their property, the Minister of Defense challenged Brigadier General Hosseini Djibo to be work hard to ensure a better collaboration between the military and the people.

Born some 61 years ago, General Djibo holds a Masters Degree in Peace and Security and has been in service for 35 years.

Before his transfer to Bamenda, he was commander of the 1st Gendamerie Region with command post in Yaounde covering the Centre, East and South Regions.

Just like General Dobekreo, he has had a stint with the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR.

Generals Dobekreo and Djibo have described their appointment to Bamenda as one to foster peace and will work to pacify the North West Region.

General Nka Valere 

Their predecessors, General Nka Valere moves to Yaounde as Commander of the Yaounde International War College.

General Ekongwesse Divine

General Ekongwesse Divine moves to Douala as Commander of the 2nd Gendamerie Region.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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