Senator Regina Mundi Takes Fight Against Infant and Maternal mortality to Tubah

Senator Regina Mundi speaking to the press

Some 200 women drawn from the 11 health areas of Tubah have sang in jubilation after receiving delivery kits from Senator Mrs Regina Mundi.

The pregnant women praised the gesture of the Senator for coming to their aid and ensuring that zero mortality is recorded in the subdivision this time around.

Gwan Miranda, beneficiary 

Gwan Miranda is a resident of Bambili.

"We want to sincerely thank Ma Mundi for providing us with the delivery kits. It's going to reduce the cost of women during their delivery. So we thank her on behalf of the pregnant women in the Tubah Health District." Gwan told the Observer.

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi has been at the forefront in the fight against Maternal and infant mortality in the North West since her appointment as a Senator in 2018. Several health districts and hospitals have benefitted from delivery kits from the lawmaker.

Handing of the delivery kits to the Health centers 

With the mortality rate still very high in Cameroon where 782 deaths are recorded in 100,000 births as registered by the WHO in 2011, 39 deaths in every 1000 births in 2016, Senator Mundi encouraged all the pregnant women to seek quality Healthcare services and attend anti-natal care from the early stages of the pregnancy.

"When a woman dies at birth, it is a very bad thing. It is even worse for the child because he or she will be raised by another woman. I wish to sincerely appreciate these women who are here today. Other women must ensure that they register early and have a followup of their pregnancies.

I hear some women say they don't have money to enroll. I wish to caution them to know that the dangers of not attending anti-natal is grieve. Child bearing complications are more expensive than doing a regular check up." The Senator told the women.

For the over 200 women, the delivery kits have been placed at the disposal of the various health facilities and all they need is to present a voucher that was handed to them. This voucher bears their name and they will have a delivery for free.

The erudite politician also handed bags that will aid the women to carry baby food and other belongings before after delivery.

Attended by the Fons of Bambui and Bambili, the Lamido of Sabga and the Chief of Fingui, the traditional rulers called on the Senator to work closely with the palaces for a mass sensitisation of the villagers to adopt safe delivery practices and better manage pregnancies.

Some traditional rulers of Tubah 

A call that received an answer from Senator Regina Mundi who encouraged the Fons to have a review in the succession rights of the villages which is patriarchal.

She said "Many women have lost their lives in the quest to give their husbands male children even at the detriment of medical advice. We have to orientate our succession beliefs to also include women."

As the women converged at the Bambili Medicalised Health Centre, the District Medical officer for Tubah, used the presence of the MP of Bafut-Tubah constituency, Hon Agho Oliver, the Mayor, Tanjong Martin and the General Manager of UNVDA, Adangfung Eric to plead the case of health workers in the district especially temporal workers who go for months without a salary.

This because of the absence of Subventions which are either delayed or doesn't come at all. The current crisis in the region has also led an increase in the number of IDPs, without a corresponding increase in their finances to pay for health services. The financial constraints has forced the Health district be lagging behind in infrastructure and staffing.

A situation the Elite of Tubah promised to keep fighting for better health care delivery.

Marternity Ward, Bambili

Marternity Ward, Bambui

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi also visited the maternity wards in the Bambili Medicalised Health centre and the Tubah District Hospital in Bambui where she handed gifts to mothers in the maternity and encouraged them to handle the children with care.

As she left Tubah, the songs of joy were high when the women heard that all the bills of women who put to birth through Caesarean section from April 2022 to April 2023 will be paid by Senator Mrs Regina Mundi.


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