Hon. Aghor boosts Healthcare in Bafut-Tubah, donates medications

Symbolic handover of medication to Doctors 

About 26% of persons living in Tubah subdivision and Bafut in the North West region of Cameroon are living with in poverty, caused by the ongoing sociopolitical crisis plaguing the region since 2016. As a result some are unable to afford medical care services.

“Averagely about 26% of the population are poor and vulnerable. Some are not able to do laboratory tests, buy medications and pay for consultations. It is a very timely intervention in a context where there is a lot of poverty and people come to the hospital needing health care which is a primary need. We cannot chase them out so with these drugs, it is going to go a long way to help us work comfortably and to give the necessary care they deserve.” Dingana Terence Doctor Tubah Destrict hospital explained.

After intervening in a poor widow’s situation in Bafut and carrying out some investigations, Hon. Agho Oliver member of Parliament for Bafut Tubah constituency discover the vulnerable nature of persons in this community and the need for medications which he went out sourcing and has provided drugs worth 30million FCFA to Tubah and Bafut District hospitals. Distributed Friday April 22, 2022.

“We had a case in Bafut of a 77-year-old woman widow living in a desperate situation. When we carried out investigations we realised that there are many of these cases that is why I decided to go out for lobbying and Dr Marie Noella Atanga and other partners responded and we are donating to these hospitals.” Hon. Aghor Oliver opined

Hon. Aghor Oliver flanked by donor Dr Marie Noela Atanga, Bafut Mayor and doctors 

The drugs include a variety of large spectrum antibiotics for children and adults, antifungal drugs, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antipiretics, gastric ulcers drugs, high blood pressure drugs, different varities of antihypertensive drugs; including drugs for congesive heart failure, angina pectoris, anti-cholesterol drugs, diabetis drugs and blood sugar-testing needles, blood thinners in case of stroke, AVC and others, drugs for asthmatics, mental health drugs for anxiety depression, bipolar disorders and pyschosis, osteoporosis gout, cancer, and kits for COVID testing, and so many medical subsidiaries, all freshly manufactured and down-loaded straight from top-performing Italian pharmaceutical industries, are all intended to be administered free of charge to vulnerable, hard-to-reach and poor-needy patients in the Bafut/Tubah constituency in treating diseases such as cancer, controlling high blood pressure, Asma, fungi, COVID-19 and others.

According to Dr Marie Noella Atanga, it is a yearly family tradition to come to the aid of poor and vulnerable persons in the country.

The Mayor of Bafut Ngwakongoh Lawrence, who assisted in handing over these gifts, greatly appreciate the kind hearted gesture from the member of parliament and echoed for more such as portable water, More hospitals closer to the population, more schools.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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