Ngwa Norah wins Sisterspeak237 February Literary Contest

Ngwa Norah 

Ngwa Norah, a student of the Department of Communication and Development studies of the University of Bamenda has emerged as the overall best laureate in the February Digital Literacy contest organised by Sisterspeak237.

The judges scored her works on Fake news 95/100.

She emerged victorious after out shining 7 other contestants.

The entries according to the judges demonstrated an understanding of how to combat fake news, misinformation and hate speech.

One of the judges of the contest, Ndamo Damaris was visibly satisfied.

"I am very much impressed with the entries this month. Each contestant brought in their unique flavour and proved their readiness to carry the message beyond. Last month's edition had four entries and the fact that it doubled to 8 this edition depicts how widely the campaign is spreading, reaching out to more people across the globe. Hence, more awareness on the subject." Ndamo Damaris said.

Wanchia Cynthia, Project Lead Sisterspeak237 

The project lead of Sisterspeak237, Wanchia Cynthia congratulated the laureates with the belief that the concept is fast reaching more young Cameroonians.

" Congratulations to the winner Norah Ngwa. I must say this second round of the Digital Literacy Contest was tougher than the first. Choosing a winner became a difficult task for our team. The entries were intriguing and contestants showed mastery of the subject matter. It was more interesting to get an entry from a group of hearing impaired and we pray the messages sink so together we can stop hate Speech, combat fake news and misinformation. I am excited to see what the March edition has in store for us."

The Digital Literacy Contest is part of the Digital Literacy project currently under implementation with funds from the US Embassy in Cameroon.

The project kicked off with the training of 46 youths and influencers in the South West region around these concepts and who at the end took a commitment to use tech for the promotion of peace and truth.

Entries for the March contest opens on the 20th March 2022.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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