MitaCCUL bonds with PWD, encourages team ahead of Finale.

PWD of Bamenda’s sponsor Mitanyen Cooperative Credit Union with its acronym MitaCCUL has encouraged the Abakwa boys to stay focus ahead of the Cameroon Cup finals against Astres of Douala.

Reacting ahead of the final via the President of the micro finance institution, President Muluh Stanly urged the Abakwa Boys to remain focused and bag home the trophy.

“We have just one wish that the team performs well and no mishaps, they should have one focus and bring back the trophy.”

PWD Social Football Club of Bamenda will face Astres of Douala this Sunday March 13, 2022 at the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaoundé.

Being the team of the people and loved by the people, MitaCCUL shares same view as PWD reasons why the institution has a strong bond with the team and supports the club entirely.

“You know as I do that PWD Bamenda is the people's team and you equally know that MitaCCUL is the people's financial institution. That is where we blend and that is why we thought that we should support our own local initiatives and promote them to go to higher heights. With football being a unifying factor, we thought that within the crisis context that we are living, we should do something to keep ourselves busy, to promote our own local activities. That is why we thought we could partner with PWD.” President Muluh Stanly explained.

“Our sponsorship of PWD is firstly motivated by the drive to attain certain basic cooperative principles such as Corporate Social Responsibility. This has really boosted the morals of the football club to be able to reach the level of a finalist after several decades.” Khan Justice Fon MitaCCUL General Manager added.

MitaCCUL, popularly known as MIGHTY MITACCUL is the most popular credit union in the CamCCUL network in terms of a number of variables such as it's drive towards total digitalization, speedy growth, both in membership and financial strength, etc.

Operates over seven billion FCFA in shares the  institution remains one of the most prestigious under CAMCCUL, with an increase in interest on  members savings of 37.6% in 2021 from the figures of 2020.

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