CPDM at 37: Mezam IV Section, Bafut, Empowers Farmers with Maize Seeds

Section President handing seeds to a farmer 

CPDM Elites from the Mezam IV Section of the CPDM, Bafut have handed improved maize seeds to farmers who are ardent supporters of the party.

The maize seeds were realised thanks to contributions made by party bigwigs in the section who say they have as goal to ensure that there is an agricultural boast in the section as they expect the maize seeds to multiply when harvest is due.

Speaking to the party militants, the Section President of Mezam IV in Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence was emphatic that they have decided to emulate the Head of state, Paul Biya who is the number one agric technician.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence 

Supporters of the CPDM in Bafut expressed thanks to the Section President for initiative, coming at the dawn of the new planting season in Cameroon.

Flanked by two chiefs from the paramount Fondom of Bafut, the traditional rulers blessed the section President and encouraged him to continue the good work of empowering more people within the village.

Mezam IV, Bafut has a CPDM run council won in  2020. The Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence was in 2021 awarded the Best Mayor in the North West Region by the Council support fund for Mutual Assistance, FEICOM. An award for development, the Mayor says he was celebrating with militants of the party.

"I want to call on to come onboard. The CPDM is a party for development and peace. Let us forget about the past which we cannot change and focus on the future which we have absolute control over. Our goal is to put Bafut on the spotlight and we need all to come onboard."

The 37th anniversary of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement was celebrated under the theme:

 “Let us mobilise more behind the National President, President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, in order to ensure the specificity of our country in the relentless peace building, unity, solidarity and progress, in a  nation resolutely turned towards shared emergence”.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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